The White house commented on the conversation of the ex-adviser to trump with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation

The white house does not see “anything bad” in conversation, a retired adviser to the President for national security Michael Flynn with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak on sanctions. About this stated the head of the administration of the President of rins, Primos, reports CBS News.

“There’s nothing wrong to talk about sanctions. And there is nothing wrong with having a conversation about the fact that the Obama administration imposed additional sanctions and sent some people from the United States. There is nothing wrong with the fact that this theme emerged in the course of the conversation,” he said.

Paribas, stressed that the talks with the ambassadors of foreign States was part of the duties of the former Advisor to Flynn.

“I never heard that he had any other contacts before the election. I think the President also,” he said.

We will remind, this week, Flynn left his post as adviser to the U.S. President for homeland security. It was reported that he gave the wrong information to White house officials about their conversations with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation on sanctions.

Sam Flynn stated that he had discussed with the Ambassador of the Russian Federation the issue of the 35 expulsion of Russian diplomats, and talking about the sanctions did not exist.