Russian journalist in Denmark: you don’t have to be afraid of Russia

The defense Minister believes that Russia’s aggression directed at Denmark. This is pure propaganda, says Russian journalist living in Denmark.

The Minister of defence of Denmark Klaus yort Fredriksen (Claus Hjort Frederiksen, the Liberal party) said on Friday the newspaper Berlingske, Denmark should strongly arm, to join the defense Alliance NATO to resist the aggression of Putin’s Russia, “directly aimed at and Denmark”.

This statement was not a surprise for Larissa Solodchenko. She worked for several years as a journalist and editor while in Copenhagen, including the Russian news Agency Spuktnik News, funded by the Kremlin. She now works exclusively as a freelance journalist.
The magazine Journalisten in 2015 talked about Larissa Solodchenko and its activities in Denmark under the heading portrait sketch: “Larissa — Putin’s eyes in Denmark”.

— Statement of Aorta — this is pure Western propaganda. The Minister needs money and so he paints a terrifying picture of Russia as the greatest threat from the East. Denmark’s nothing to be afraid of Russia. Russia is not interested to infringe on the rights of Denmark, — said Larisa Solodchenko TV channel TV 2.
She believes that the defense Minister Klaus yort Fredriksen works in the interests of NATO, saying, for example, that the threat from Russia “puts severe demands on our readiness”.

— NATO and Denmark are happy to be allowed more money on military hardware, and they are really expensive. Now we see how actively arming of NATO, and therefore Denmark must take more money to the General Treasury. Here is their something and trying to find now the Minister in such a fraudulent manner, says Larisa Solodchenko.

The US put pressure on NATO and Denmark

It also draws attention to the fact that the US is increasingly putting pressure on small countries-NATO members, to increase the overall budget of the organization. During summer, Donald trump, the future President of the United States, doubted that it was necessary of course to provide military assistance to other NATO countries if they someone would be threatened — for example, Russia.

NATO demands that the countries of the Alliance, deducted 2% of GDP on defense. Military expenditure of Denmark in 2015 amounted to 1.2 % of GDP, and this means that Denmark needs to allocate another 20 billion to the Treasury NATO to perform the task.

— No one says anything about the fact that NATO is getting closer to Russia’s borders in the Baltics, rattling weapons. And when Russia, after many years of living with her head bowed, began to fight back and to resist the NATO, then just opened the gates of hell. There is nothing that would indicate that the Kremlin has plans that threaten the authorities in the Baltic States or, for that matter, Denmark, emphasizes Larisa Solodchenko.

Territorial defense during the cold war — and hacker attacks

Statement by Klaus Yorta Fredriksen was followed by interviews with top defense officials, the current Minister of defense and foreign ambassadors.

— There is a very serious and frightening picture, the threat is aimed directly at Denmark, he told the newspaper Berlingske.

— All of us, the Danes, the need to prepare well to any form of threat. We are forced to act in this direction.

A direct consequence will be a return to the territorial defence during the cold war. But Klaus yort Fredriksen also draws attention to the threat of attacks of a different type.

— State-sponsored Russian hacker group ready to attack hospitals, infrastructure and networks, compromised computer systems and crippling the health system — he said to Berlingske.

Klaus yort Fredriksen in the spring or summer plans to apply to the allocation of greater amounts on defense under the new plan, which will be fulfilled in 2017.