7 year old girl asked for a job at Google and received an unexpected response from the Director

Seven-year-old girl from Britain Hereford Chloe Bridgewater sent a letter to Google CEO, in which he asked to take her to work. After some time she received a personal message from the head of the company, reports Business Insider.

According to the publication, in his letter, the girl pointed out that he loves robots, swims and praise her teachers and that she in the future would like to work in the Corporation.

After some time she received a reply from the CEO of Google Sundar Pichai. In his letter, he thanked Chloe for the appeal and credibility of the company.

“I’m glad you like computers and robots, and hope you will continue to study the technology,” wrote Pichai, adding that if it is to work hard and follow their dreams, she will obey not only Google, but also the Olympic games.

In addition, sundara also added that it expects to receive from girls for admission to work after she finishes school.

It is noted that the girl was inspired by a letter to father. He told Chloe that he believes Google is the perfect place to work, and showed photographs of the interiors of corporate offices. The girl impressed that Google employees during working hours can lie on bean bags, ride a roller coaster or go-karting.

According to the father of Chloe, the answer Pichai inspired daughter for even more diligent study. He also hopes that this story will help the girl to regain confidence after several years ago, it was hit by a car.