Jump of the prices for oil: the croissants in France can rise sharply

Butter in France has risen by almost half in a year, and the French edition are concerned about the prospects of a sharp rise in the price of croissants in the country, because their basic recipe includes up to 25% oil.

Federation of enterprises of bakery industry (FEB) of France last week called the situation a “massive crisis”.

“In April last year we paid € 2,500 per tonne (oil – Ed.). Now she is 5300 euros. In the best case, consumers will have to pay more. In the worst case we will not be able to buy oil,” – said the representative of FEB Mathieu Labbe.

In the Federation affirm that the price of oil in France never reached such a level. FEB explains the rise in prices by the shortage of milk in Europe in General and France in particular, as well as the high demand for milk and butter around the world.

According to Le Parisien, the pastries in Paris in recent weeks have added to the price of a few cents, but the publication warns that the pace of growth can significantly increase.

According to Le Figaro, more than 30 thousand bakery of France will not be able to work in the current environment, many small businesses will be able to splurge.