The main thing – do not choke: the network reacted to the “chicken-Crimea”

In the dining room of the Ministry of foreign Affairs was renamed chicken Kiev cutlet on Saturday morning. This was reported by journalist Ivan Nechepurenko on Twitter.

In the Russian Foreign Ministry”s canteen is really what a Chicken is called Chicken Kiev Crimea.

— Ivan Nechepurenko (@INechepurenko) February 15, 2017

Thus, the Russian foreign Ministry decided to “disguise” the dish, replacing the Ukrainian one name to another.

The press service of the Russian foreign Ministry a few hours later tried sarcastic reply to a reporter:

@INechepurenko Dear Ivan, happy to expand the horizon of Your gastronomic knowledge :))

— MFA Russia (@MID_RF) February 15, 2017

But, judging by the comments under the post, she failed.

@MID_RF @INechepurenko described recipe is chicken Kiev. You have the foreign Ministry with the head all right?

— WHAT THE FUCK ?! (@shto_o) February 15, 2017

@shto_o @MID_RF @INechepurenko Lol,they really got the recipe of chicken Kiev, and rename. The resistance of the clowns on the international front!

— All is Well (@ppsd_mn2t) February 15, 2017

@MID_RF Well, so that is the recipe of cutlets “Kiev” :))

— Oksana Dunagin (@Dunyakhina) February 15, 2017

@MID_RF, Rename the “us” in “Russian”, cutlet “in Kiev” in the “chicken-Crimea” – kreativ flooded. Thank you laugh.

— Yuri Belt (@yurchick) 16 Feb 2017

“Rebirth” chicken Kiev in social networks in General embraced with humor and irony.

Smut – not the title. Smut – not advitise

— Volodymyr Ogrysko (@Ogrysko) February 15, 2017

Chicken Kiev in the morning the Russian foreign Ministry has turned into hamburger on Saturday morning

– A vivid example of the international strategy of the Russian Federation

— Clear the TASS (@ChetkiyTASS) February 15, 2017

Patty on Saturday morning.

— Andrey Shumylo (@andykrim65) February 15, 2017

If Natali kotleti in kisk Tobi zaproponowali in Krymsk…

— Andrii Olefirov (@AndriiOlefirov) 16 Feb 2017

@svabodka ate a Burger on Saturday morning, washed down, rusciano and immediately realized that I live in a superpower

— Freestyle redakcija (@svabodka) February 15, 2017

Patty on Saturday morning. Steal from a neighbor, while he spends money on cancer drugs.

— Minang (@crimeapanda) 16 Feb 2017

The Russian foreign Ministry was renamed chicken Kiev cutlet on Saturday morning. To prepare them to be stones from the sky.

Gray Cardinal (@slevo4kin) February 15, 2017

Chicken kisk rosani called “Krymsk”. Oh right, cream – TSE W Ukraine. VI sobi havlat chicken Tambovsk?

— Andrii Olefirov (@AndriiOlefirov) 16 Feb 2017

Meatballs in Crimea is akin to Russian
For Russian need to take chicory instead of coffee
and meatballs on Saturday morning – a turnip instead of a chicken

— HELO (@AgriDilan) 16 Feb 2017

All my anger from trump about the Crimea…..The Kremlin unleashed on “chicken Kiev”
Now they will be “burgers on Saturday morning”
We did not win!

— Casey (@Aleks_SPb) February 15, 2017

Agree, symbolic somehow in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation was renamed chicken Kiev cutlet on Saturday morning. Choked Kiev – choke and the Crimea.

— Vladimir Mats (@1964Matov) February 15, 2017