World record: Pirelli dispersed scooter up to 142 miles per hour

Tyre manufacturer Pirelli, in conjunction with the MC Benelli and manufacturer of spare parts Malossi set six world speed records at Bonneville. In setting the record were three Benelli scooter 491, technical fine-tuning which the company Malossi. The best result was 142 kilometers per hour, – the “Motor”.

Two records in the category of 50 CC scooters have set the project engineer Fabio Fazi. Kilometer on the track and the track length of 1.6 kilometers he’s picked up to 114.3 km / h (in both cases).

Four record on scooters with engines 85 and 100 cubic centimeters installed a former car racer, Superbike Mauro Sanchini. He showed a maximum speed of 133 and 142 kilometers per hour. All the scooters were “shod” in the new tyres Pirelli Diablo Rosso Scooter.

The Japanese rider Masaru Abe rode on the back wheel of a motorbike more than 500 miles. He managed to beat the previous record set 25 years ago. A couple of hours after the start of the Abe when I got back, however, he directly took painkillers and continued the movement. Given the ABA after 13 hours.

Recall that the electric scooter BMW turned into “cubic” motorcycle.