Canadian scientists believe that it is possible to sleep in advance

Is it possible to sleep sleep for the week ahead? Scientists from the University of calgary in Canada, I believe that Yes, the extra hours of sleep before the sleepless nights help to accumulate power and have a positive effect on brain function, says

For a long time it was believed that the only way to recover after a sleepless night to catch up on sleep. What if you sleep after and before the test?

Scientists selected a group of 12 people who claimed to sleep well and look after their daily routine. Participants were asked to refrain from sleeping for 38 hours, and then analyzed the effect of such a long period of wakefulness on the brain, memory and physical strength. Then the volunteers repeated the experiment after all week went to bed 2 hours earlier than usual.

The results of the study showed that physical and mental performance of participants was better when the preparation for “sleepless marathon.”

If you need to sum up the month and prepare reports, and you still don’t know how to sleep, try a new method. But the fact that it is difficult to guarantee. Because the experiment was based on a small number of participants, the theory of “strategic reserves of sleep,” requires more extensive tests.