Why winter is falling productivity and how to fight it: three simple suggestions

Winter adjusts the rhythm of life, and they become less focused and productive.

The portal rabota.ua with reference to Officevibe called a few simple reasons why winter, our productivity drops and told how to deal with it.

1. We get less light

Sunlight is of great importance for health. The sun gives the signal to our body that it is time to Wake up, to be more active. When we spend more time in the dark, the body seems to go to sleep. Because of this, we feel more passive and lethargic.

To awaken yourself – make the most of all available opportunities to visit the street.

2. We are less active

Due to bad weather, we, of course, often prefer a simple walk viewing your favorite TV series at home. The lack of walks is already reducing the number of daily activity, and this affects the vitality and productivity.

Walk or, weather permitting, a run will charge you with energy and help you to organize yourself and to find strength for useful things.

3. We eat less healthy food

In winter we prefer more “comfort” food, not paying attention to the “healthy” choice. In combination with the low activity that leads to fatigue and drowsiness.

To fix this, choose healthy foods. Warm soup can be equally enjoyable dish that brings comfort, than the abundance of fried or fatty foods. It is also important not to forget to drink enough water.

A few more tips for winter productivity:

1. Set ambitious goals

Refrain from hibernation in favor of some useful lessons. Set yourself goals and track your progress. The fact that in the winter you stay at home more, can be used with advantage. For example, you can make a habit to exercise at home or take an online course.

2. Monitor your mood and do not succumb to seasonal Blues

A bad mood will also affect your productivity.

3. Adopt healthy habits

Stick to a healthy lifestyle not only in summer but also in winter. Sports referred to as “key habits”, that is, to those that bring along with other healthy habits and change.

Cheer up and don’t forget that very soon it will be spring.