The Kremlin was disappointed in the trump

Those were the days when well-known Russian TV presenter Dmitry Kiselev called US President Donald trump “a real man”.


After winning the trump in the White house is a friend of Moscow — the impression had emerged among the people, when they included Russian channels or opening close to the Kremlin Newspapers. Everywhere praised trump. His plan to build a wall on the Mexican border “a consistent and thoughtful”, the ban on the entry of refugees and people of the seven predominantly Muslim countries “brave.”


It is strange that the day of the inauguration of the trump has not declared a national holiday in Russia, laughed the magazine “The New Times” criticizing the Kremlin.


Four weeks later, the euphoria has vanished.


Even loyal to the Kremlin patriots “National liberation movement” is already fed up with the “cult of trump” in the media. On Wednesday, in protest, they even came to the propaganda Agency “Russia today” in Moscow, which is headed by Kiselyov.


Moscow pinned on trump’s great expectations, and now the Russian government is disappointed every day.

The turning point was the resignation of national security Advisor Michael Flynn. On Tuesday, Flynn resigned, he made efforts to improve relations with the Kremlin. In the days that followed there were new reports of contacts close associates trump with Russian intelligence officers during the election campaign and before taking office.


First on the evening news the Russian state television was silent on the resignation of Flynn. Close to the state newspaper did not report the reason for the resignation — that is, that Flynn lied to the Vice-President of the United States Mike Pence about his telephone conversations with the Russian Ambassador in December.


In Moscow consider Flynn a victim of the conservative circles are talking about the big conspiracy. “Scandalous,” called the departure of General government “Russian newspaper” and said that the coming “new wave of hysteria against Russia.” “Enemies of trump with the help of the secret services and the media will destroy him, until retirement. The goal now became the trump,” wrote on Twitter, the Senator and foreign policy expert Alexei Pushkov. Others talk about “paranoia” in Washington.


Russian media and politicians continue to protect the President of the United States. Even the press Secretary of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov support. He, as usual, has sharply denied reports about the conversations people trump with Russian agents. It’s not based “neither on evidence nor on the specific facts.”


Also on 10 November, Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov in an interview to Agency “Interfax” has confirmed that contacts with the team of trump during the election campaign was still. Carter page, an investment banker in Moscow, in the course of the campaign visited the Russian capital, according to reports, he also met with the Trustees of President Vladimir Putin — Igor Sechin, and representatives of the presidential administration. These reports have not been confirmed.


The new administration embraced a “Russophobia”?


Flynn’s resignation is the first serious blow to the relationship between trump and Putin. In Moscow increasingly understands that trump is no foreign concept. It is still unclear what kind of deal he wants to sign with Russia. The first telephone conversation with Putin, offers some clues.


In addition, trump is not too accurate with the facts and acts unpredictable. Until now, these turns were the hallmark of Putin, for example, its policy against Turkey. In addition, trump is under a lot of pressure. The members of his own party demand in the U.S. Congress of a tougher stance against Moscow. Either trump is not so independent, wants to appear how, or “Russophobia fully embraced the new administration,” said Konstantin Kosachev, Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs.


Statement by the press Secretary of the trump that Washington expects the return of the Crimea, also fits into this picture. Did Sean Spicer so bring trump out of the strike and to agree with critics of the Kremlin among Republicans? The coincidence with the moment of resignation Flynn obviously, so expect and indignation of Russia.


“It’s the same thing as to claim the return of Alaska” — compare Viktor Ozerov, Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security. “On this subject we discuss will not, it is not subject to discussion,” reservedly, the press Secretary of the Kremlin Peskov. Russia does not discuss the territorial issues with foreign partners.


Quite a soft tone indicates the hope to see you soon trump and Putin. Almost every day in Moscow to discuss the first meeting between the two leaders. But still nothing concrete, so the Kremlin continues to achieve across all channels. Putin has already proposed as the meeting place of Slovenia, the homeland of the first lady Melanie trump.