Syndrome Kisa Vorobyaninov

Two deputies of the state Duma Maria Maksakova and Denis Boronenkov, which moreover the husband and wife, had fled to Kiev. Boronenkov even got in December 2016 Ukrainian citizenship, which naturally caused an uproar in Ukraine. In the end, to obtain a passport for many months can’t the people who made the independence of Ukraine where more than two deputies, voted for the annexation of Crimea. But when you look at the reaction to what is happening, starting to think that the passport is not such a big fee for the right to watch such a freak show. Because the case of the DePuy family couple is the tale of how modern Russia will look the story of Kisa Vorobyaninov.

Voronenkov is how to tell in an interview about his latent opposition. About how he heroically resisted the stupidity of the regime. How did not vote for the annexation, and the card will have used someone else. Enough to raise his tweets three years ago, to be sure — he was no different from the rest of the composition of the state Duma in a time when public revanchism was the key to the comfortable existence.

And similarly, no matter for what reasons he fled to Ukraine. Was it business difficulties, or crossed the road to someone not worth it, or felt that the role of dissident is paid better than the role of a cog in the system. In the end, traitors will always find a justification regardless of, they betray whether they are a neighboring country, voting for the annexation of its territory, or its own.

Jon, too, was neither a revolutionary, nor a pillar of the regime. He just lived as he wanted, not noticing the changes around them. Just at some point these changes went through it — and now he was waking up in the provincial town of N., while retaining from the old aristocratic life habit to greet in French or German.

The state Duma is just the most common chameleons, gray mass, Akaki Akakievich in uniforms. Just someone’s uniform implies the function of the jester — and this is Milon or Poklonskaya. And someone — the role of knopkodavy performing in the Assembly hall the function extras. Until the ship sails — they see themselves as a new aristocracy. When it comes to the bottom — try to escape first.

The ship of Russian statehood yet pumps out water from the holds — and because Maksakova and Boronenkov look like exceptions to the rule. But if you think that Russian statesmen are willing to defend the system which gave rise to them — you are deeply mistaken. Because exactly the same tomorrow in their place could be any other Russian official, who will talk about his tireless struggle with “an antinational mode”. And so too will boast of the things that didn’t vote for “annexation of Crimea”. Although, of course, voted.

Because it’s all the people without convictions. They broadcast only what allows you to keep the comfort zone. If tomorrow in Russia a synonym of success is the image of the dissident — they do not hesitate to try it on. In this sense, Boronenkov little different from Surkov Volodin or Medvedev. They all are parasitic on the fact that at this particular moment in Russia is considered mainstream. And if tomorrow is a new nineties — we find in yesterday’s functionaries ardent accusers and creately masks. In the end, a quarter of a century ago we all have watched.

The same Maria Maksakova, which has in stock all the time was a citizen of Germany, which, in theory, closed her access to the lower house of the Russian Parliament — this is not a deviation, but the norm. Exactly the same buoys are a significant part of the Russian establishment. Someone assets. Someone a passport. Some had built in the West children. And access to all the benefits of civilization will serve as a confession at a time when the whole system goes berserk. Because nobody wants to remember how is the phrase “apply former Deputy of the State Duma”. Though I’m sure someone will still have.

Therefore, it is quite possible that Boronenkov and Maksakova, which, from the point of view of Moscow, looks like the renegades, at some point, will become founders of the new rules. People who managed to escape from Russia at the time when it was not yet mainstream.