How to cure liver by eating the healthiest foods

Our body resembles a well-regulated factory, where fine tuning of each organ are very important for healthy living. Every day the body regularly performs tasks, simultaneously protecting yourself from the harmful effects of the environment. We also have their own system of detoxification – the liver. That’s just self-she is no longer able to cope with the huge amount of incoming toxins, not to mention the constant alcoholic libations. Nutritionists advise to include the following foods in your daily diet – they strengthen and heal the liver, writes


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So, here are the most useful foods for the liver:

  • Beets

Yes, almost all of the products from our list is not very tasty. But this healthy vegetable can magically restore liver cells. So I had to go to the market and buy.

  • Garlic

It’s almost the best natural remedy to cleanse the liver: the antioxidants and minerals will support tired of endless on Friday in good shape, and selenium and arginine helps the liver to clean the blood vessels.

  • Apples

Eat apples and fresh, and baked. Pectin from apples is removed from the liver the excess of cholesterol, thereby facilitating the work of this body.

  • Turmeric

The curcumin part of turmeric accelerates the flow of bile and cleanses the liver actively. Do not pour Oriental seasoning all in a row quite a few times a week and add turmeric in meat dishes.

  • Olive oil

Choose a cold pressed oil. In small amounts olive oil is a wonderful cholagogue. The composition of this product is high content of lipids, which actively absorb the daily toxins.

  • Grapefruit

Take the Golden rule to start each day with grapefruit. First, it will help you get in shape. Secondly, grapefruit is a great source of the antioxidant glutathione, making a positive impact on the liver.

  • Honey

Sugar has on the liver is an extremely negative influence, but to abandon the sweet capable only holders of true steel will power. Try to start to switch from sugar to natural honey. And if you use the right honey, a teaspoon twice a day before meals, the ingredients in this product will work on the restoration of liver cells.

Regularly consume these products, and your liver will be healthy.