NBU explained why in Ukraine there are Russian banks

Powers to limit the presence of Russian capital in the banking system of Ukraine is only at the Verkhovna Rada and the Council of national security and defense Council (NSDC). About it reports a press-service of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU).

In NBU note that deputies in the state to legally restrict the operation of banks with Russian capital, and not to require the NBU to act outside the legal field.

“The national Bank acts as the banks with Russian state capital in Ukraine and other banks only in the framework of the legislation of Ukraine, which clearly defines the reasons for restriction or termination of activities of banks in Ukraine”, – noted in the NBU.

It is clarified that to date, the NBU has adopted all restrictions under the NSDC decision and decree of the President of Ukraine.

“Now, the NBU has no grounds for terminating the activities of banks with Russian capital in Ukraine and can not violate the law,” – said in the national Bank.

“So, the idea that to stop NBU banks with Russian capital in Ukraine does not correspond to reality”, – summed up in the NBU,

In addition, the national Bank has denied five more abstract information space in respect of banks in the Russian capital.

Thesis 1. Large-scale expansion of banks with Russian state capital on the Ukrainian market.

“Over the past three years, the share of banks with state Russian capital on Ukrainian market decreased to 8.8%. These banks have reduced the branch network by 42%. Within three years, the deposits in them has decreased almost twice in local currency, and nearly four – in foreign currency”, – reported in the NBU.

Thesis 2. “Special”, simplified conditions for providing refinancing to banks with Russian state capital.

“The terms of the refinancing of banks of Ukraine NBU is the same for all banks. According to standard instruments of liquidity regulation of the banking system this process is carried out automatically. Refinancing of banks is carried out only under the corresponding provision in the case of the provision of liquid collateral, e.g. government bonds or foreign currency”, – explained in the national Bank.

In addition, stabilization loans from the NBU does not issue from June 2015. Banks with Russian state capital have no debt on stabilization loans to the NBU.

Thesis 3. Banks with Russian state capital in Ukraine, “sponsored” war.

The NBU notes that in each of the banks with Russian capital in 2014 works as the curator of the NBU, which carefully monitors all the operations and in case of detection of illegal operations has all the tools to apply measures of influence. Now such violations are not identified.

Thesis 4. Additional capitalization of Prominvestbank conducted at the expense of budget of Ukraine.

“The additional capitalization of Prominvestbank is only at the expense of shareholders. We emphasize that due to the state budget may be the only recapitalization of state banks,” – noted in the NBU.

Thesis 5. There are realizovyvayutsya agreement between the Bank and PJSC “Prominvestbank” for transactions between PJSC “platinum Bank” and PJSC “Prominvestbank”.

“Of PJSC “platinum Bank” obligations to PJSC “Prominvestbank” in this period. The operation to transfer liquidity between banks is also not carried out”, – noted in the NBU.

With regard to PJSC “platinum Bank”, the regulator said it banned to raise funds from government agencies during the period of stay of PJSC “platinum Bank” problem, however, the Bank attracted funds despite the prohibition of the NBU. Also, the NBU banned the attraction of deposits of PJSC “platinum Bank” was able to attract funds from customers only within existing limits. Growth portfolios on deposits due to exchange rate revaluation and the increase of interest payments on deposits, which have not been paid.