“Alternative” pension reform from the Cabinet does not exist – Rozenko

To date, there is no alternative version of pension reform to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in the framework of negotiations with the International monetary Fund (IMF). This was stated by Vice-Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko, reports “112 Ukraine”.

“Today there is no government version of pension reform, the more the government option, which has already been agreed with the IMF. Now, and this work will continue even after the signing of the Memorandum, there is serious work achievements to those of the pension reform, which Ukraine needs and Ukrainians. We, the Ukrainian government, the Ukrainian government in General, will carry out the pension reform. But not for the IMF, not for the IMF, and we will carry out pension reform for the sake of our Ukrainians, for the sake of increasing the quality and standard of life of our citizens. So today we are on the same side of the interests of pension reform, the government and society,” – said Rozenko.

We will remind, Ukraine is at the final stage of the formation of the Memorandum on further cooperation with the IMF, said Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman. He also assured that the Fund does not require raising the retirement age.

Earlier media reported that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has proposed that the IMF, its alternative option of pension reformthat does not increase the retirement age. Pension reform necessary for the country because of the huge deficit of the Pension Fund, which does not allow to pay a decent pension. The Memorandum, signed in September 2016, was not hard rules to raise the retirement age, but there was a recommendation to reduce the Pension Fund deficit.

Conclusion the updated Memorandum is necessary for Ukraine the fourth tranche under the extended Fund (EFF). Earlier the head of the NBU Valeria Gontareva predicted the receipt of the next tranche from the International monetary Fund in late February or early March.