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Former Deputy of Russian state Duma from the Communist Denis Boronenkov last autumn moved to live in Kiev, and now declared by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Federal wanted list on charges of fraud. Along with the Voronenkova in Kiev has left his wife, Opera singer Maria Maksakova, a former Deputy of the state Duma from the party “United Russia”.

Boronenkov MP with a dubious reputation

Denis Boronenkov in 1988 he graduated from Leningrad Suvorov military school, in 1995-m — Military University of the Ministry of defence. Worked in the Military Prosecutor’s office, the Supreme court, was the Deputy mayor of Naryan-Mar and Deputy head of administration of Nenets Autonomous Okrug. Became the Deputy of the state Duma from the Communist party in 2011. For the fraction of Communists has been in Parliament only one convocation. In 2016, participated in the elections as the single-seat districts, but could not be re-elected, according to Lenta.ru.

Legislative activity Boronenkov hard to call bright. In September 2014 became one of the initiators of the amendments to the law on media, according to which the founder of the Russian media cannot foreign state, international organization or citizen, having citizenship of another state. And in October of the same year he co-sponsored the law on controlled foreign companies, which obliges Russian beneficiaries of offshore companies to pay tax on foreign income.

In April 2015, Russia’s Investigative Committee suspected Boronenkov in the raider seizure of the building in Moscow cost 5 million dollars and fraud.

According to investigators, Boronenkov, employees of the company and a number of individuals have produced fake documents, which were transferred to the tax office. In the end, from the members of the company “TOM” was launched by the founder of the organization Otari Kobakhidze, who was deprived of the right of ownership of the building.

Then Boronenkov sold the building company “Chance” Vitaly Kachur 20 million rubles (350 million dollars), said the TFR. The market value of the building, according to investigators, is 127 million rubles ($2.2 million). In the TFR believe that Kachur paid Voronenkov more than 1.2 million dollars for this deal.

“The investigation established that Voronenkov provided funding criminal activities, gave instructions to the other partners and personally supervised the process of illegal change of the head of TOMA, OOO, — stated in the message.

Two years ago, investigators were unable to achieve a deprivation of the member of fraction of the Communist party of parliamentary immunity, and Boronenkov all charges were dismissed. Now, when immunity in the former parliamentarian no, SKR made a ruling on bringing him as a defendant.

Maria Maksakova Opera singer and dissident of United Russia

Maria Maksakova-Igenbergs is the daughter of actress Lyudmila Maksakova and the German businessman Peter Andreas Igenbergs. In 2000 he graduated with honors from Russian Academy of music Gnesin, acted in the troupe “Novaya Opera”, the Bolshoi theatre “Gelikon-Opera”. In 2011, the Opera singer became a soloist of Mariinsky theatre and state Duma Deputy from the “United Russia”.

In June 2013 endorsed the adoption of a law against gay propaganda, which made, in her words, being “in the thrall of delusions.” A half later Maksakova made from the rostrum of the state Duma with sharp criticism of that law and a proposal to adopt the amendments.

“So far we have received only the growth of homophobic attitudes and crimes of hate, unhealthy nervousness in other school groups. Because someone thought that if there is such a law, now — Ho, FAS”, — she explained his position.

It is also known that Maksakova abstained from voting in the second and third reading of the bill banning the adoption of Russian orphans by US citizens.

Russia’s first marital Union of the two warring parties

Denis Boronenkov and Maria Maksakova was married in 2015. This marriage was the first in the history of Russia between the state Duma deputies from different factions. “Remaining unmarried until age 37, I’m already resigned to the fact that hardly meet a man with whom she wanted to spend the rest of his days. Thank God for this chance,” — did not hide his feelings Maksakova in conversation with Lenta.ru. For Mary’s marriage with the Voronenkova was the first official. From a previous relationship at the Mariinsky theater soloist is the son Ilya and daughter Ludmila. For some time the singer lived with Jamil Aliyev, told that he was a goldsmith, the son of a musician who grew up in Baku.

On Boronenkov Maria watched in open admiration: “I have a law degree, and able to hold a conversation and nod in the right place when said Denis. But he’s really a literacy specialist, lawyer, Professor, doctor of legal Sciences”. It is worth noting that a couple of years ago in their family there was a misfortune: because of a stressful situation in the background of her husband, the artist in the early period of pregnancy lost twins. This tragedy is not divided, and unite the spouses. Later Maksakova and Boronenkov a son, Ivan.

Moscow — city of evil: why Boronenkov and Maksakova moved to Kiev

In early December, 2016, the Ukrainian press reported that Denis Boronenkov and Maria Maksakova moved to Kiev. A month later it became known that Voronenkov received the citizenship of Ukraine and testified in the case against former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. 14 Feb blocked in Russia the edition “Censor.no” published a large interview with the Voronenkova. The former Deputy made several loud statements that received the citizenship of Ukraine, criticizing the annexation of Crimea and considers the Russian government gone mad.

Then Voronenkov had to explain his position in an interview with the Russian edition. Your sudden departure from Russia, he explained that “Moscow — the city of evil”, and live in Kiev “kind, good, sincere people. And the atmosphere is radically different, it is very positive. In Europe!”. According to Boronenkov, a criminal prosecution taken against him in Russia, it is illegal and unfair. Maria Maksakova is also believed that the case against her husband was fabricated. “The case against my husband fabricated from the first to the last letter, the same story, nonsense from beginning to end, he was not even familiar with these people. Am I a family member of an enemy nation? He no one is not running, why to file a missing person who is not hidden, it is located in the city center?”, she said the radio station “Kommersant FM.

Maria Maksakova after emigrating to Ukraine periodically visited Russia, where he performs at the Mariinsky theatre. The TV channel “Rain” reported that on January 27 information about the participation of the singer in the play the Queen of spades Mariinsky theatre disappeared, and in the “events” and on the page of the singer under “Upcoming gigs”. The press service of the Mariinsky theatre confirmed that Maksakova planned speech in the play on January 30, but was canceled, the reasons are not explained. Deputy Secretary of General Council of “United Russia” Yevgeny Revenko said “Kommersant” that Maksakova “nothing wrong” did not, what would make United Russia “is now talking about removing her from the party”. But later Secretary of the Moscow branch of “United Russia” Andrey Metelsky has declared that ex-the Deputy of the state Duma will exclude from the party, reports TASS.

“We have received information on dual citizenship, this is not consistent with the status of member of the party, according to our Charter and contrary to the Charter. Accordingly, we shall exclude her from the party on the basis of this norm,” explained Metelsky, making it clear that the United Russia party first heard about the two passports Maksakova. The Communist party said that if the information about the receiving by the Voronenkova citizenship of Ukraine is confirmed, it will be expelled from the party.

Maria Maksakova: I did not vote for the annexation of Crimea

In an interview with “Medusa” (full interview here) Maksakova said that she has a dual citizenship — Russia and Germany. According to the singer, she has never concealed this fact, and colleagues in “United Russia” knew about it.

“I have a German nationality from birth, I have met and “right of soil” and “right of blood”, and I was forced to abandon it, but due to various circumstances I was not able to do it. Although they (the United Russia — approx. ed.) wanted”, — said the singer.

To the question whether she is to receive Ukrainian citizenship, Maksakova said: “why? I have a residence permit here as the wife of a citizen of Ukraine”. According to the artist, Boronenkov received the citizenship of Ukraine, as he had a “concrete base” — he is half Ukrainian.

In an interview with Maria Maksakova has denied the information that in 2014, she voted for the accession of Crimea to Russia. According to her, once declared that “it will” she “grabbed the kids” and gone to Thailand, reports Newsru.com.

Meanwhile, on the website of the state Duma argues that Maksakova voted for the annexation of Crimea. According to the singer, if she then voted against it hardly “have made it to the airport”. Denis Boronenkov said earlier, that too did not vote for this decision — according to him, someone did it for him using his card without authorization.

Maksakova suggested that “the Crimea is held in the right way”. “The law is not settled it,” she said, explaining that Russia had to conduct their own referendum and “not some strange voting in the State Duma”.

Assessing the current regime in Russia, Maksakova said that “we have, you know, criticism is generally unacceptable. It’s so weird, it’s usurpation. Why people should identify the country directly to the authorities?.. Another opinion about our officials, authorities, all the others can’t be made” and that “a strange constant obydlenie. It is impossible to live in a regime that demands total loyalty.”

On the question, whether you discussed some other options for emigration, in addition to Ukraine, Maksakova said: “I can be anywhere. I generally believed that my trip to Russia will continue. I thought so until yesterday. If it was some other European country, no one would drive with me. A family member of an “enemy of the people” is called”.