Valentine’s day: how to live in this world people born on February 14

Today lovers around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day. Someone arranges a romantic dinner, someone spoil your sweetheart a gift, and someone finally dares to say the sacred words. On the eve of “Today” talking with foreigners about the features of celebrating this day in different countries, learned from the priest the history of the traditions and collected the history of Ukrainians who were born on the 14th of February.

IN OTHER COUNTRIES. “Israel Valentine’s Day is celebrated twice, — tells 30-the summer inhabitant of tel Aviv’s Aaron Lerman. — Those who immigrated to Israel recently, people my age, celebrate it in February and more traditional restaurants, flowers, gifts, trips. And indigenous peoples, are more Orthodox Jews, the Day of love is celebrated at the end of the summer. And in this day a girl can offer herself the hand and heart of man. This date is determined by the religious calendar. Usually it falls on the 15th day of the hottest month of the summer. Last year it was 15 August.”

“In Spain Valentine’s Day is not as popular as, for example, in the US, — speaks 35-the summer inhabitant of Barcelona Julio Graziano. Is it in our country on 14 February is celebrated only in some regions, and it was mostly young people. But we have a local festival dedicated to all lovers, is celebrated on April 23. This is the Day of St. George, a Catholic Saint, patron Saint of lovers. Basically this day is celebrated in Catalonia”.

“In Holland the 14 of February is not considered shameful if a woman approach the man and offer to marry her — says 22-year-old Dutchman, Jan-Jaap SAS. — But in fact do so very rarely. In General, Valentine’s Day isn’t very important in our country. But, of course, the lovers expect their halves some pleasant trifle as a gift. At school and University in this day, as a rule, people send each other flowers. For example, my sister homeschooled her three favorite friends have prepared a gift vases, which did a cute write with a marker”.

In Holland, on 14 February, a woman can get married who wants

“Specific differences in the celebration of Valentine’s Day in England is not — says 47-year-old London resident Mike Ingvar. — We have this holiday attach great importance. Basically on this day give each other chocolates, Teddy bears and cards. Men try on this day to arrange an unusual romantic date with his boyfriend.”
“We, in Armenia, this holiday is called the Day of St. Sargis, the patron Saint of young lovers, — tells 72-year-old Pavel jangirov. — Officially it is celebrated in Armenia since 2007. But it is celebrated on February 14 is the date that the Holy see appoints. This year it was celebrated on February 11. Constantly 13 Feb newlyweds and lovers celebrate Trndez (Armenian traditional feast in honor of Candlemas. — Ed.) jumping over the fire in the yards or public places where young people and arranging celebrations”.

Interestingly, in Kazakhstan instead of 14 February, to which local young people have become accustomed the last few years trying to introduce a new date for the celebration on April 15. “Six years ago, the culture Department for youth policy and press service of the akimat of Almaty approved the action plan for the year and sent letters to the leadership of schools, which recommended the transfer of the celebration of Valentine’s Day of 15 April, says 40-year-old resident of Almaty Natalia Kudryavtseva. Is a day dedicated to the great tragic love of the heroes of the Kazakh legend “Kozy-Korpesh — Bayan-Sulu”. The names of Kozy-Korpesh and Bayan beauty are inseparable for fifteen centuries.

HEARTS IN ASIA.Tunisia is considered one of the most secular countries of the Islamic world, only among Arab, where recognized by law equality between women and men — says 35-year-old resident of Tunisia Haji hares. — Where people are drawn to Europe, the same European tradition. Especially because Tunisia was once a French colony and many French people have their houses, comes a lot of tourists. On February 14 in the big cities in restaurants, always are celebrations, they are decorated with angels and hearts. Gifts, usually chocolates and hearts. I worked also in Lebanon, Egypt and Syria, there also celebrate, but not like that.” However, there are countries in which the celebration of Valentine’s Day is prohibited. For example, in Iran and Saudi Arabia will be fined and even seen in the shops that sell Souvenirs and flowers on this day.


“Now congratulate the other”

In his youth, Igor Sirotenko celebrated on 14 February only the day of birth and did not even know about the feast of St. Valentine.

“For the first time on the Day of the lovers I heard in the nineties, tells us the 44-year-old Igor. — And the celebration began even later, somewhere in zero. I first saw how to celebrate Valentine’s Day at work: I was a Manager in the same company. A day in the office colleagues hung everywhere red hearts with love wishes, and in the evening the company gathered to drink wine. I did not celebrate with them, because just preparing for the wedding. I have not been to Valentines was, and his birthday was celebrated as usual — in a small circle of friends and relatives without any allusion to the Day of love.

Now, I admit, a birthday always brings me sadness — sad that the years go. But the last few years the tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day has increased, and now the birthday I have to congratulate the other wife and work colleagues. Almost like March 8! Last year, apparently to give family life romance, my wife Inga, with which we have been married for 15 years, spread throughout the apartment Valentine and painted with lipstick in the bathroom mirror hearts. The son laughed when he saw it. Because of this surprise for the first time for me this day was full of joy and positivity. Then my wife went to the Spa, where they made wraps with chocolate and algae. My wife bought a discount on some website for these treatments.

But the most interesting story happened to me year before last. My wife loves to participate in various programs as an actress. She sent a request for the show, which was filmed just on February 14. The theme was family, I needed a pair, we even paid a small sum of money for participating in the filming. Did a show in six months. We took a day off and all day on February 14 from morning till evening we took pictures, we did a variety of jobs, running around the city. We even make up, I for some reason constantly powdered… But we loved it, we had fun!

In General, in your whole life, if not to take into account early youth, it was one of the best days on February 14. This year we will celebrate, as usual, my birthday. I have already prepared gifts to his wife.”

“This day left me imprint”

“I am very skeptical about Valentine’s Day, and sometimes I’m even sad that I was born on this day, says 20-year-old Irina from Kiev was Lisoval. — Still in your birthday wish that only I was the center of attention. And I do not understand why we need Valentine’s Day. Are no other days in the year to tell a couple of warm words, give a gift, make nice? But I think that Valentine’s Day certainly left me some impression: I am very loving person, quickly fall in love and can not live without heart affection”.

“The first Valentine was obtained in 74 years”

Maria Osipova was born immediately after the Second world war in a small village in the Kiev region. In her memoirs, in those days, even birthdays are not celebrated always — hunger, poverty. Five children in the family grew up without a father, who died at the front. This holiday was just to eat. “When I celebrated my birthday, took it very modestly, in the family circle and the gifts are not given — says 75-year-old Maria E.. — In General, February has always seemed to me a male month, since February 23 we congratulated all the men. Usually the day before there was a commotion: a woman was buying socks, t-shirts, colognes, their husbands… And the celebration of love and that it has long existed in other countries, I didn’t even know. On 14 Feb I found out only five years after her husband’s death, when I went to treatment in the sanatorium. And during procedures in the pool met the man.”

Anatoly, with whom I struck up an acquaintance, was a widower, six years younger than Mary. “10 years after his wife’s death he lived himself, a child in another country… In that year he for the first time in many years came on the trip to the resort to rest and heal, says Maria E.. — We met, talked, got together to go to the procedure and to swim in the pool. Found a lot in common: he loves cats and enjoys cooking. It turned out that in Kiev we live close to each other. And began to meet, to live in two houses. And last year he told me about the feast of Saint Valentine (I saw on TV that is celebrated all over the world) and offered to spend the day in a special way. First invited in the cafe and searched, and then we went to see him — he made himself a cake, bought a bottle of cognac. We had a great evening. So first Valentine’s Day I celebrated in ‘ 74. This year we are again working my birthday with Valentine’s Day — be sure to do something romantic for yourself! Well, there is the day of love. Of course, to please their loved ones need all the time, but Valentine’s day is another reason to surprise”.

In the family Osipova, this date is connected with another pleasant event: four years ago, one of the three granddaughters birthday grandmother gave birth to a girl. “It was the best gift — the title of grandmother! In honor of this holiday, a little girl named Love. I think she was very lucky to be born on this day — she will grow always in love”.

“I thought I died”

Freelance artist and cartoonist Pavel jangirov lives in Armenia, but very often in Ukraine. A certain period of his life was closely associated with our country. The man has a interesting story about Valentine’s Day. “Once the day before my birthday, February 13, the ambulance took me to the hospital with appendicitis, says 72-year-old Paul. While taking blood, etc., of the seizure and the doctors decided that it can wait until tomorrow. But the evening came, and said that the tests are bad and need to operate urgently. Then operations were operated under local anesthesia. In the operating room were about thirty people, all wearing masks. Put me on the table, face hung curtains, asked me to tie or not? My mood from pre-made injection of morphine was fun. I refused. The surgeon used local anesthesia, incision, and everyone huddled around me. The doctor began to dig into my belly, something to pull out, push it back, to tell others of his interns. I lay there, trying to look behind the curtains, joking, asked me to be careful, because tomorrow’s my birthday. And asked me to show what is happening there, why so long. The doctor replied: “what do you care? Lie down, good talking to. You’re not in a hurry?” This here was a fun atmosphere, although at the end he was not amused — there was severe pain when my Appendix out. And then there was a severe postoperative night.

When I opened my eyes the room was Sunny, at me stood two unknown beautiful girls, in their hands were flowers and a bag of tangerines. “The angels in heaven, I thought. — So died.” Girl smiled: “happy birthday!” “Thanks, but who are you?” — I asked. “We’re students, we had a practice yesterday, we attended your operation. To you three with appendicitis operated on, but they unlike you screaming! And you were joking. Thank you!”

“I have my own Cupid”

“Because my birthday coincided with the Day of lovers, friends and family always congratulate me — says 43-year-old resident of Novograd-Volynsky Alexander Bychkovsky. — Of course, in addition to health and happiness, in this day everybody wish me love. Very pleased that in our family there was a tradition to celebrate this day together. I have a grown daughter who lives in Kiev, but on 14 February it is sure to come to me. Even all his suitors, she always said: “No Dating on this day. Spoil me with gifts the other 364 days, and on February 14 I spend with dad.”

Myself I always try to treat my girls, wife and daughter, sweets and flowers. That I was born on such a day, see only the positive. I think I have your Cupid, well, or Cupid, who is always beside and protect me.

Probably the best gift on birthday was… jeans. In the Soviet Union, the holders of the jeans was considered the toughest. This part of the wardrobe was very expensive, and to buy them was difficult. Sold jeans under the counter, at the risk of going to jail speculators. My older brother had long been saving for this thing and bought them on Valentine’s Day. However, at home it turned out that the jeans are great on him. Although I was younger, but much taller and so brother had no how to give me pants for his birthday. At age 14 I first felt schastlivim man on earth — the guys looked at me with envy and girls with respect. When married, the gifts became more practical in nature.”


There are many legends about the appearance of the holiday of love. The most beautiful of them is about a priest Valentine who secretly crowned lovers, despite the order of the Roman Emperor, who is forbidden to marry the young people, obliged to fight. Learning that a Christian priest breaks the order, he was put in prison, where he healed the blind daughter of a dignitary, and before his death gave her a note with a Declaration of love signed “Your Valentine”. However, the Church claims that this story is fiction.

“Let’s start with the fact that neither the Orthodox nor the Catholic Church there is no Day love, says the Metropolitan Vyshgorodsky and Chernobyl Paul. — The Orthodox and the Catholic Church venerated the memory of two saints: St. Valentine Interscope (12 August) and of St. Valentine the Roman (July 19). There is in the Orthodox Church and Martyr Valentine Dorozenski (7 may). All of them were martyred for Christ. Now, however, 14 February the Catholic Church celebrates the Day of Cyril and Methodius (14 February 869 year died St. Cyril) who are the spiritual patrons of Europe.

Before the reform, 14 February commemorated Swsm. Valentine the Roman presbyter and Bishop Valentine Interscope, and in the middle ages and referred to the Martyr Valentine of North Africa. But by the reform of the General liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church, which took place in 1969, the names of three Valentine’s disappeared from the General calendar and were replaced by the celebration of Cyril and Methodius. Historical data about these Valentino almost did not survive, but they remained in the lists, as locally venerated saints, but sold a lot of speculation. The fact that St. Valentine secretly performed marriages — definitely a lie, because in those times there was no Church the sacrament of wedding. A legend about the first “Valentine” healed daughter of sanovicha appears already in the twentieth century and is actively promoted by the firm which produces “Valentine” for the occasion. It is also a fiction, since after the adoption Sana this would have been a betrayal of the faith or to the wife and the Church would canonize him as a Saint.

Interestingly, in ancient Rome February 14 was a celebration of the goddess Juno, the patron Saint of lovers. It was decided to exchange letters with the names of lovers. In these days in Rome took place the pagan festival of Lupercalia. In the cave the priests (luperci) slaughtered a goat and a dog (one pet pleasant wolf, the other hated them). After two naked youths performed a ritual running, hitting with belts of all who came in their way. No one shied away, the girl even ran up, putting his back and shoulders that supposedly brought good luck in love and is guaranteed to the offspring. In the days of Caesar on this day honored Faunus, the patron Saint of the herds, whose name was “lupert” and depicted in the form of a wolf. He did the sacrifice, to bless the growth of livestock and prevent predators”.

As a result of intersection of all of the festivities and there was this day.