In Ukraine Ty winter gas reserves

Gas reserves in underground storages (UGS) of Ukraine as of 13 February decreased to 8,902 billion cubic meters this is evidenced by the operational data of the operator of the Ukrainian gas transportation system (GTS) “Ukrtransgas”.

So, during the day from UGS of Ukraine was selected 66,44 million cubic meters of gas. Imported from the EU was a day for 48,26 million cubic meters of gas.

Ukrainian UGS filled at 28% of the total.

We recall that earlier Ukraine in cfvst frosty days of January, despite predictions, hasn’t exceeded the daily withdrawal from storage facilities in the amount of 100 million cubic meters, although technologically possible rise of about 1% of existing inventory. The maximum of this year was reached on January 7 – 89,65 million cubic meters.

As you know,the NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” is considered formed in the underground storage of gas reserves sufficient for passage of the heating season, despite the fact that the government of Ukraine demanded to accumulate in UGS more than 17 billion cubic meters of gas.

According to the calculations, the NAK at the end of the heating season in the vaults will still be 7-8 billion cubic meters with an acceptable value of 5 billion cubic meters of the Ukrainian hydrometeorological center predicts that the heating season, from the point of view of the temperature conditions in Ukraine lasts 160-180 days.