Why Sobchak not to appeal to Putin, to Kadyrov, Lukashenko

Democrat Sobchak was indignant that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed a decree “closed social networks”. Ukrainians outraged boorish video Ksenia Sobchak to the Ukrainian President. Fullness. Not worth it. The argument is no longer valid in the Russian Champions of Ukrainian democracy.

To begin with, what about any “closure”. Yandex Malhi, Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki have come under an extensive package of sanctions, which the Ukrainian government imposed against the aggressor. As for “freedom of speech” that the Ukrainians provide the above resources, here we have another video. Alisher Usmanov — owner of a resource “Schoolmates”, threatening a colleague Ksenia Sobchak, Alexei Navalny, said a very curious phrase. “Unlike you, Alex, I don’t use the Internet. I develop”. So. Develops and still uses in the interests of the system, which provides a comfortable life. About the same as Russian speakers use the freedom of speech and the openness of democracy in order to promote in Ukraine “Russian world”, and along with interests such as Alisher Usmanov.

It would be possible to recommend Ksenia Sobchak appealed to Putin, Kadyrov, Lukashenka will finally attend to the rights of the Russian ruling elite violates not only in Russia but everywhere have reached her bloody hands. But it is better not to spend reasonable advice for those who are not going to use them. Better to focus on yourself. Now, the appeal of the Russian VIP-oppositionist to the Ukrainian President about the Ukrainian freedoms, appeal to the Maidan, that is all that the infamous Ksenia Vladimir Putin has tried to fill with blood, gives us the possibility to draw conclusions.

For Sobchak no Ukrainian freedom, Ukrainian no right to make decisions about its national security. There is no Russian-Ukrainian war, in which Ukraine is a victim, and therefore can and should defend itself by all available means. Perhaps for starry-eyed Xenia there is no Ukraine and there is Russia-light, the view of “nonsense” which it can afford to give everyone who lacks the willingness and courage to defend their degrading Russia hard.

All this would be funny if it were not so sad. In the camp of the defenders of the Ukrainian freedom of speech, in addition to Ksenia Sobchak and any “unreliable”, there are some very “decent people”. In the sense of “proven companions”. Alexey Volin, for example. The one that the Deputy head of the Ministry. The Ministry of communications, the structure of which includes Roskomnadzor bans for Russians, half of all domestic and foreign sites. He was also crucified on the “stupidity of the Ukrainian authorities” and gives advice to Ukrainian President: “If you are doing the bulk of the popular resource, then you discredit the government because it shows that the decision power is unrealistic… This decision will lead to an unprecedented increase of computer literacy of the Ukrainian population, and to the fact that the people of Ukraine will immediately master the anonymizers VPN services and a huge number of programs, allowing to bypass the lock.”

The fact that the struggle of Ukrainians against the Russian aggressor is able to combine proprietary Russian oppositionists with Russian Mal Surovymi is always nice. Roskomnadzor, a bulldozer, crushing the geese and Ksenia Sobchak — the pillars of the Russian bortsunov for workers ‘ rights. Well, isn’t it. Only for this oil painting was worth to ban Russian social network. Wait, when in the course of going “heavy artillery”. When Alisher Usmanov — owner of the “black business” refer to Petro Poroshenko: “Look, Peter. You social close, and I use them. Not good.”

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