The Political Leader Zakhar Prilepin

Writer Zakhar Prilepin, has long supported the separatists of Donbass, became a major in “DNR”, as reported on Twitter the self-proclaimed head of the Republic Alexander Zakharchenko:

Alexander Zakharchenko


Zakhar Prilepin — a true patriot of Russia and the Donbass, not in words. So he decided to protect the Russian world arms.

14:20 — 13 Feb 2017

Alexander Zakharchenko


Zakhar Prilepin acted courageously and honestly, following in the tradition of great Russian literature. And I personally presented him with the insignia of major of the armed forces of the DNI.

14:22 — February 13, 2017

In addition, from yesterday’s Alexander Kots article in Komsomolskaya Pravda readers learned that Zakhar Prilepin took the position of political Commissar in the battalion, assembled by him. For some commentators it was the occasion to praise the writer for the consistent defence of his position:

Konstantin Anatolyevich Krylov

Then the public is terribly nedovolnye that Prilepin gathered in Donetsk to fight. Say, here he is, revealed his bloodthirsty nature.

I’m not a big fan of Prilepin. But I don’t understand here is why: for many years the public consistently told Prilepin that he needs to go to Donetsk to fight, but it is there in the rear holed up behind others. And when he finally played their own requirement, they are again dissatisfied.

I think that they are just Ukrainians. Well, that’s just the most ordinary Ukrainians. Which nothing satisfied except unconditional surrender.

Kirill Shulika

War is bad, I’m against the war. But the man who goes to war, for me better than the man who incites the type of Olshansky, prosvirnina, Kolmogorov and others like them. That is at least a man who goes to war himself, responsible for his words, it is in any case a big deal.

It doesn’t even matter whether he was there to fight or just for PR, that’s probably… can Fly and the risk he exposes significantly more than Prosvirnin on the couch.

I refer to the Ukrainians as well. There are those who network the war was ignited, I don’t respect. Those who are on the front line, is quite another matter.

And in General, the era of the Internet has taught people to take responsibility for their words. This is very bad. To get through the Criminal code will not work, but rather, on the contrary even.

In support of Zakhar Prilepin surprise of many, made by some colleagues at the writers ‘ workshop.

Leonid Yuzefovich

Zakhar Prilepin, perhaps the most significant living Russian writers, went to war, became a political instructor created by him or with his participation of a battalion of special forces of the army DNR. I don’t like much of what he therefore says, but I understand that to do otherwise, he could not.

Any causticity about this to me is disgusting.

In the male, how little one of our colleagues, always had a strong sense of duty. I can say this with full responsibility, because quite intimately acquainted with him for nearly fifteen years.

Really wish he was still alive.

Alexander Garros

What and how does Zakhar Prilepin in the public field for a long time and I absolutely do not approve, that to his care, ahem, to the front are the same, and also — ironically. And sadness. So. No “moron” or “asshole” or… — add to taste, I of the male, as if we had not diverged from that of the friends and sometimes allies nearly far, not believed and do not believe.

Galina Yuzefovich

I’d add one. I don’t like more or less everything does and says Zakhar Prilepin against this war and all that he has done they are not my picks never. But I don’t understand how this topic may witty jokes. And discuss, for a cause he came to fight (though what do you mean — in fact, have long been at war), or wrong, I, too, seems hopeless. Here’s how it seems, for a cause gave his life Yukio Mishima or not?.. Man goes his own way, with full understanding of the liability (including the criminal code), and the integrity I have is horror, but also admiration. And Yes, of course, he wants to be killed, it’s understandable.

Marat Guelman

Do wonder how many authors Tomorrow, then all writers of “Russian fantasy” saw the situation around Donbass the possibility of this fate.

That is, instead of giving the plants the metal is produced here human biography or offer a “unique life experience” so necessary to the writer realist.

Not sure I believe in the power of talented text. Believe in the possibility of one of the male to change the attitude to the war.

After all, this whole situation is created by another writer, Alexander Prokhanov. He came up with from beginning to end this red-brown Alliance, this Russian world, Putin, he predicted the RDX. Just he didn’t read. Considered literary trash. Well, he was a thrash and the situation created treshovy.

So, it serves us.

Here only the Ukrainians for what?

But most commentators are shocked that the writer decided to seriously take part in the war.

Oleg Lekmanov

If not for the blood of the living, let yourself be strolled with the holster on the side of the front of the line at least until blue in the face. And so… I want to Vomit from disgust, sorry, dear Galina Yuzefovich…


Alexander Arkhangelsky

From the post Leonid Yuzefovich about solutions Prilepin, I like only one sentence, but the last: “I wish he was still alive”. I can only add: and so he didn’t kill anyone. This will be limited.

Natasha Isakova

What happens when a talented person with a fabulous mind gets into politics and war. Prilepin projects in the Donetsk dullness, sadness and emptiness of some amazing worlds out of my head. And ready for them to kill and lead to death. Against the background of its fascinating mythology, with lots of historical references — real “warriors of light”, hardly connecting words into sentences. Apparently, the characters in the next novel.

As dangerous the way the brain of a creative person.

Kseniya Larina

Read about Zahara, Mr. Evgeny Prilepin.

This is a blow simply.

You know, I’ve never believed in the purity of its militaristic impulse, was convinced that he was a psychological experiment sets in favor of their own literary ambitions, dissects human nature, investigates it under the microscope of their own provocations. The path is not very honest, I told myself, even a little mean, but in the end, from what rubbish growing poems-without shame? after all, if all this shit is just compost that feeds its natural juices future brilliant novel, who remembers what the price reached the “higher truth” about the person?

now Eugene crossed the line. And there’s no going back. I mourn his. What a terrible fate he himself had constructed after his death. This cool plan is far from the heat of the heart and clean hands. Do not get writer to become the 12th Apostle in his “Platoon.” Terribly sorry for his children.

Attempts to refer to Prilepin’s military experience other writers have not found the commentators understanding.

Xenia Loutchenko

Prilepin not Byron, he is different. But what is the tradition of literary biographies, took a swing.

Yury Bogomolov

Prilepin, inspired by the war in Ukraine, remembered Pushkin and Chaadaev. Yes, indeed in the NINETEENTH century, Russian writers were completely loyal to the war. We may recall Dostoevsky:

“What? Who discouraged during the war? On the contrary, everyone immediately cheered, everyone lifted the spirit, and not hear about ordinary apathy or boredom, in times of peace. And then, when the war ends, as they like to think about it, even in case of defeat! And believe it or not, when in a war, meeting, talking to each other, shaking their heads: “what a disgrace, that we survived!” This is just one of decency. On the contrary, every holiday in the shower. You know, it’s awfully hard to admit the other ideas: I will say, beast, retrograde, condemn; that I’m afraid. Praise the war, no one will dare”.

And Dostoevsky was settled, and Mr Prilepin was choking with delight.

Dostoevsky and Pushkin is forgivable. In the NINETEENTH century the mankind did not know the scale and the horrors of slaughter, found out what threatens the twentieth and twenty-first century.

Dostoevsky has claimed that “war is refreshing peoples”.

Can she then “refreshed” someone. In our time it is able to skin the crowd of people.

There are policies which this prospect inspires. But when it draws inspiration and writers, it is not just the “engineers of human souls”, and butchers of the human soul. With this title I congratulate Zahara prilepina.

Ilya Krasilshchik

in an interview with Prilepin is the moment when he appeals to Pushkin (say, he, too, during the Polish uprising was for the king). and my first thought was bitch, Pushkin-do not touch. interesting all the same Pushkin’s role in Russian culture (in the broadest sense of the word): whatever you thought, whatever you do, if you start to argue, it is very important that Pushkin was for you. apparently, Lenin’s work. we must live as Pushkin lived. works about everything: from how to relate to the state, to not know the culture of drinking. thus, as usual in such cases, two people with radically opposing views can Pushkin be based with equal success. in other cultures there are heroes?

Dmitry Gudkov

Zakhar Prilepin collected own battalion and went to fight in the Donbass. Says so in his place would have done and Pushkin for him are Leo Tolstoy (why not Peter?), Yevgeny Dolmatovsky, but not all there sodomites of the Silver age.

Well, also look at literature. The writers were progressive and reactionary, now writers with a rifle and without. Without a rifle, Prilepin writes about all sorts of tears of the child is the wrong writers. (But we’ve talked to him before the events in the East of Ukraine — were discussing the return to direct gubernatorial elections in Nizhny Novgorod, found a common language. But the Tempora and mores are quite different now.) <…>

In world history, recently I have been examples when writers sang of the war. Not defense of the homeland, and war. How great it is to fly and bomb the enemy city, as while it would be desirable to sing with happiness. Italy, early twentieth century. USSR 30 years. In both cases, it ended very badly: one is fascism and the Second world, the second — totalitarianism and the Second world war.

Many were struck by the way in which Zakhar Prilepin described in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Russia’s objectives in Ukraine.

Oleg Pshenichny

Someone from what they’re supposedly “protecting”? Here you says the official political leader, possessed major Prilepin, does not hide that there is only a local majority, and in Russia the queue “to war”:

The ultimate goal of what this war?

— Kiev is the ultimate goal. Let us not hide.

— Kiev to change the government of Ukraine to join Russia?

Kiev — Russian city. Russian Ukrainian city. Our business is small. Upstairs decides. But I think such errors, which was Yanukovich, should not be.

All goal. No other purpose can not be.

Nune Bars

we must admit that Zakhar Prilepin, who had personally led another gang and Savelovsky in response to the question about “the ultimate goal of this war”:

“Kiev is the ultimate goal. Let us not hide.

Kiev — Russian city. Russian Ukrainian city. Our business is small. Upstairs decides.

All goal. No other purpose can’t be” and embarked on the pictures closer to the portrait of Putin,

were more honest and more consistent with other patriots, mylasa about “we only Crimea and the Donbass, and Putin is the enemy of the Russian people.”

Prilepin on fingers explained what this war is and what a character she is.

Alena Solntseva

“Now in Russia the number of comrades just all worth it: the guys take us, we want, we get. Comrades in various former political and parapolitical activities huge number,” — said Zakhar Prilepin.

That this is the case, these guys are from Limonov, Natsik, former commandos, just punks Zamoskvoretskaya (in the General sense) has finally found a place where you can lawfully shoot, to carry a gun, in General, to play war games, both with civilians and with other armed men. They staged a training ground, I don’t know exactly who invented it, a friend of intellectuals and writer Surkov, or other famous person, but in General, I took the sandbox.

I saw quite a lot in the video interview with Givi, Strelkov, other youths, and frankly, I wouldn’t want them to meet in life….

Well, the authorities do not want. That’s all of them go away from the Kremlin. Suppose, he says, go to Kiev… How can it irresponsibly.

Alexander Morozov

From the time of planting Taisia Osipova and her husband Sergei Fomchenkov I have friends here. And here suddenly it turns out that it’s just he is the commander of the battalion, which was created by Zakhar Prilepin (where he is an instructor).

So all the hard work in the “Russian world”: the wife gave the “ten” and she sits, her husband-shift went to fight in the Donbass (it is interesting: the children who left? but it is “another question”, then “other Russia”, and therefore questions “other”). Prilepin posing under a portrait of Putin (which was soldered on the “top ten” wife of battalion commander). I think that she is Osipova (as sitting Udaltsov) supports all the pathos of prilepina that “it is necessary to go to Kiev” (“And the husband went to Kiev”).

They all “went to Kiev”… and that little things? It is not only in Kiev, defeated the Nazis, and throughout Europe. Wherever you look: everywhere the fascist government, so will have to take Berlin and Warsaw… In a good way! (Here the writer Leonid Yuzefovich wrote today that we should not sneer but should think about it and understand the heroism of the writer Prilepin… And what we need to understand? We would never be able to cesspool out of this chaos?).

There are more harsh comments.

Matthew Ganapolsky

Russian (Russian) writer Prilepin went to the Donbass, together, there is a detachment and starts to really fight with Ukraine. About it he says: “Russia is Holy, God is. We are the guardians of human common sense. The keepers that leaves us human. Kiev — the ultimate goal. All goal. We are the guardians of Ukrainians. Behind us special forces of Russian literature. Pushkin said that the war — thing more important than a dog’s wedding literature. Of course you have to shoot… (smiles). Internally I have just a constant delight”.

Don’t want to explore the enthusiasm of the cockroaches that occupied the head “Keeper of the Ukrainians” prilepina, because he was a fascist in fact, like the Nuremberg researched such a long time ago. Moreover, of course, that Prilepin as “new Prokhanov,” as the poet of the war, had to appear in Russia. The only problem is that when our romantic smiling will lie on the Donetsk bridge with a bullet in the forehead, in Russia will scream that ukry killed the great Russian writer. No, not writer will kill, and a washed-fashistko aggressor, which is not just go to the neighbor, but also, smiling, poetic novel about this wants to write. Look, there, in Russia, can stop this <dumb>. Feel sorry for him. Explain to him that he <fool> that war is not a toy, but he’s not Fat. And although the puddle of blood on the pavement will be nice to shade his frozen smile, exactly as he would describe in his novel, try to explain to him that “literary commandos” lives only in his <crazed> the head, and in the life of such washed-up romance goes only bullet. What better “dog wedding” literature than a dog’s death.

Andrei Piontkovsky

Prilepin is an honest staunch Russian fascist. Such in the Donbass do not last long. Them there periodically cleaning squinting under the Nazis, the multi-billionaire Putin and Surkov a multi-millionaire.

And, by the way, as a Deputy Shargunov? Will also go on Safari to shoot Ukrainians or only continue to bring the trucks with Russian cannon fodder car washes.

Rustem Adagamov

Well, he already was promoted to major. So he and the Colonel soon, as Motorola Givi.

Zoya Kazanzhy

Really want the next mass event “major” Prilepin was the first to catch a magnificent bouquet of roses.

But not everyone is ready to treat the work, statements and actions of Zakhar Prilepin is so serious.

Gleb Morev

As, however, the right was Sinyavsky, stressing the stylistic differences! If the writer józefowicz joined the battalion to major Prilepin, sorrow would be much less than from what he read of major great Russian writer.

Koch Alfred

A costumed clown. I remembered the joke: what is the difference Commissar of the political Commissar? The political instructor said, “do as I Do!” And the officer says, “Do as I say!”

Boris Khersonskiy

Yes, once we sat at the table and praised the book to each other. But for about four years we are on different sides of the barricades. Or rather the front line. Just me not holding the gun, and the male is…
I think he needs me now more than ever. Not as a writer. I have and other specialty.

Arkady Babchenko

And, of course, fantastic that in the mind of a forty-year old person produces thoughts about the brigade, about some kind of, < ***** > spetsnaz Russian literature, the song “Sergeant,” the Decembrists-NBP, volunteer Pushkin, the Russian city of Kiev, the Holy Russia of the world’s saviors and guardians of Ukrainians.

Mental infantilism.

As has been said.

Igor Please

It’s amazing how many people are trying to find in the poetic imagery and literary delights semantic component or rational goal-setting. I’m talking about Prilepin, who is leaving for war. He is no different from Yunna Moritz in his serenity senseless receiverside. In these words does not contain any rational function, it is a recitative, the vocal roulade non-sense concepts, the full power and significance of which in the painful connotations of the churning of the oral gases.

Many wonder why Zakhar Prilepin received a major or something, and try to imagine how it will look the part in the hostilities.


Eugene Kalyuk

From the memoirs of Lev Gumilev:

— Now, if we speak in military terms, it seems to me that the “generals” among present-day poets no.

— Well, no, why?— spoke with the arrangement Gumilev. — The unit is “major General” pull.

— Well, and Balmont in any rank, in your opinion, will?

For his large works he “captain” can be given.

Or here’s another

“Now remember, as Gumilev respectfully greeted with Nemirovich-Danchenko, and even went to visit him — on holidays. I asked him why. He said, “you See, I’m an officer, like the chain of command. I’m in literature — captain, and he is the Colonel.” — “That’s why you are so polite in conversation with a Bitter”. — “Still, after a Bitter General!” It was in his blood. He never forgot neither his rank nor a stranger”.

I, in fact, to this news

“The self-proclaimed head of the Donetsk national Republic Alexander Zakharchenko was given the rank of major and personally handed epaulettes to the writer Zakhar Prilepin” ©

Igor Gulin

I would like to think that the fate of the Russian world will be solved when the two sides of the deserted streets of some of Gorlovka will converge nahabilin and grey fioletovoe. the wind will turn the pages of a history textbook for the seventh grade, will be sand and snow with a bald head one the locks on the second.
(and because of the folds of the Inn to watch Bobyrev).

Ostap Karmodi

During the Civil have been white side, completely composed of officers. I wish to create on their lead in the DNI battalion. composed entirely of masters of the word. Company critical realists, the company columnist of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, the company of science fiction writers, popadantsev, a company of poets with poems. ru. Call it, for example, the Battalion “Dostoevsky”.
Just imagine what the film would have made this Mikhalkov: Olshansky, Prosvirin and guards in black uniforms drumbeat go to a psychic attack on the Bandera gun.

Vladimir Demchikov

I, of course, far from the bloodthirsty dreams to him in the battalion pulled all this literary gang of warlords (as in the joke about “I <bastards> 20 years were gathered together”), but at least while he was marching in govnostupy and revealing a picture of a soldier posing for photographs — would not write any garbage about Ukraine.

At least some small benefit.

Interested commentators and legal side of the issue.

Tatiana Narbut-kondratieva

The man said in the newspaper that he was going to conquer a neighboring country and kill its inhabitants. And nothing. In addition, he reports that much more willing to go to kill. And again, nothing. No law enforcement agencies in the country is not interested in

Elena Zelinskaya

Writer Prilepin, appropriating the rank of extraordinary, announced that it is to fight Kiev.
I wonder, did I miss the news that our country has declared war on Ukraine? Or now each of us has the right to declare a personal war of my own choosing, like Baron Munchausen threatened war England?
What, in short, a legal assessment to unauthorized decision to put the chest for his friends in the war, which not?
And will it, legal assessment, I mean.

Alexey Diomin

Writer Prilepin took up arms in the composition of the gangs in the territory of a foreign country, arriving there illegally. He ceased to be a writer, and became a thug and a criminal, not only by the laws of Ukraine, but also Russia.


Nikolay Goodanets


Here is a man publicly said he was going to fight in the Donbass. His profession to discuss it is hardly necessary.

In this case, the most interesting legal aspect. Read the criminal code, article 208, paragraph 2.

“Participation in an armed formation not envisaged under Federal law, as well as participation on the territory of a foreign state in an armed formation, not stipulated by the legislation of the state, for purposes contrary to the interests of the Russian Federation, shall be punishable by deprivation of liberty for a term from eight till fifteen years with restriction of liberty for a term from one year till two years”.

The Prosecutor’s office of the warlike human touches.

Obviously, armed groups in the Donbas meet the “interests of the Russian Federation”.

Who would doubt. But I would like to know, and where you can read the list of “Russia’s interests” with legal force?

Other commentators suspect that the trip of the famous writer in the combat zone could not be realized without the permission of the Kremlin.

Alexander Morozov

and yet this “battalion prilepina” so clearly announced in the CP is unclear.

Everyone knows that “Amateur” pockets of activity in the Donbass, whether Izborsky club, or “literary battalion prilepina” — all this cannot exist without the sanction of the Surkov, which answers to Putin for all this “Amateur”.

Eliminate absurd option: Prilepin came out from under the Kremlin’s control and pompously declares Sungorkin in the newspaper that it opens “the new Russian season” in the Donbass, “farewell to the Minsk agreement”. Because the message prilenskoe interview is read at once: “guys, the doors are open, as in 2014, when Girkin! get ready, go!”. I would, of course, Surkov’s comment on the whole thing. Or at least a coherent article on its website “Relevant comments” on this subject. To understand it, and the writer Yuzefovich to go on a Holy war, and DM. Olshanskogo too. We have many writers who are waiting for the official sanctions to the RF output of the Minsk agreements…


Long in the display case and in addition combat the characters were not made citizens with Russian passports.

That was a strict no since the flight Girkin.

And then input in the window locked at all. Only the output worked properly. Feet, mostly.

No, I admit that especially for prilepina made a single exception. And even now that he is not a boring one in an empty storefront. It is please.

But still, paradoxical situation. Russians in the Donbas, but if you want them to give me something, here’s their official representative Zakhar Prilepin.

The mouth of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov acknowledged that “the presence of citizens of the Russian Federation and other countries in the unrecognized republics is a fact,” Interfax reported:

Indeed, there are Russian citizens, like citizens of other countries of Western Europe, in Eastern Europe, which for various reasons — for his heart or for other reasons — go to these unrecognized Republic and are there for various occasions.

Myself Zakhar Prilepin said that “no Kremlin in the eye has not seen”, and at the same time disown and everything else that managed to write about it myself in the past month:

1. The rank of major I received in November of last year, and it is dispersed in the Russian media as “news”.

2. “Quote” that I encourage to destroy Ukrainians and Ukrainian children, which is dispersed in the Ukrainian media,

absolute fake. Anything like that I never said. Like my “article” referenced by Piontkovsky crazy (that Ukraine can’t win) and year reprint of the Ukrainian “media”.

3. The words of one literary criticism that I went to the Donbass to “die” — a consequence of brand literary thinking. People who go to Donbass to die here name is “suicide”. It’s all nonsense for girls. The problem we are completely different. <…>

6. Oleg Kashin said in an interview that I got “approval of the Kremlin” to move to the Donbass from the Kremlin. Oleg, don’t go crazy. And then I start to write that you are an agent of the state Department. You’re just incorrigible. Nothing sacred, one of the Kremlin’s mind.

I’m five months in this position, no Kremlin in eyes did not see.