Quilted jackets Russian literature

Can’t live without ARDLE media figures. Only magnificently — theatre tradition was carried out on the eternal restlessness of Mikhail Tolstykh (Givi), as the “Komsomolskaya Pravda” has labored interview with the writer Zakhar by Prilepine, who allegedly created a battalion of “experienced warriors” — of course, for protection from the Nazis, and later to take “the Russian city of Kiev.”

In a hurry to prevent the question why can’t blame him at home, because participation in an illegal armed formation — a crime. But there is evil clause in the criminal code of the neighbouring state. Part 2 of article 208, “Organization of illegal armed formation or participation in it” punishes such conduct only when it is contrary to the interests of the Russian Federation. The war against Ukraine, obviously, not contradict them.

But now not about it. Is it only out of hatred for non-existent Ukrainian Nazis, this “engineer of human souls” was replaced by the pen or the keyboard on a Kalashnikov rifle? And here interesting things arise from the above interview. Prilepin puts itself in one number, or rather a row, with nearly all the Russian writers. Says he counted more than a hundred poets and writers from the XVIII century, whose life was directly connected with military service, by default, equating it to Russian imperialism. Here, Gumilev, and Dolmatovsky, and Simonov. But with great tenderness he speaks of “absolute imperialist” Alexander Pushkin.

And to a certain extent with Prilepina have to agree. Pushkin actually wrote an ode to the suppression of the Polish uprising of 1831. However, it is worth while to recall that Pyotr Vyazemsky, which was then considered a poet, not a smaller scale, ceased to give him a hand after that.

And I think, if to compare with someone Prilepin, the more likely the “furious Vissarion”, which not only mocked the young Ukrainian literature and historical science, of the Ukrainian people (but clean Ukrainian hut and the noodle soup he was like). He kirimli (Crimean Tatars — ed. ed.) put on a par with sheep and camels, saying that they are different species of the same genus. And democracy Belinsky was very questionable, no wonder he was fond of another imperialist ode to Pushkin’s “to the Slanderers of Russia” and said to Alexander Herzen that the existence of autocracy is reasonable and justified.

Of course, not by Prilepine single living Russian literature, and Pushkin, we love not for its Imperial. Was genius Leo Tolstoy’s “Hadji Murat” and Vladimir Mayakovsky with his “I’m not exactly-Razin. I — grandfather, a Cossack, the other — the Sich, and by birth a Georgian,” and David Samoilov with his “Bandit”, and Andrei Orlov (Orlusha).