Adviser to trump because Russia was in a very difficult situation – Reuters

Advisor to the President of the United States Donald trump on national security Michael Flynn is trying to extricate himself from the scandal, which emerged from the information about his possible contacts with Russian officials before the inauguration of the new President of the United States. It is reported by news Agency Reuters, adding that reports of a possible Flynn’s conversation with representatives of Russia has alarmed many in the White house.

The problem is that before the inauguration of trump’s ex-military had not yet held the position of national security adviser. And then if he was talking to the Russian side about the possibility of lifting the sanctions, it was a violation of American law.

Because U.S. individuals are prohibited to interfere in foreign policy. Flynn throughout the campaign, trump has repeatedly called for closer ties with Moscow. He denied that he had spoken with someone from Russia about sanctions until 20 January. Vice-President Mike Pence spoke to the press and repeated objection, voiced by Flynn. But after
the edition of the Washington Post published an article with quotes probable conversation of the Counsellor with the Russian Ambassador, Flynn changed his position. As reported by Reuters, an unnamed official in the White house, now he says he can and talked about sanctions, but can’t remember it 100%.

Another administration official told the publication that the Vice-President of Pence made his statement after talking with Flynn, based on his assurances. Now the Vice President too, the problem is likely that he was misled.

Sources Reuters reported that Flynn apologized to the Pens for the incident. The publication indicates that in quotes, given the press, there are no scenes which would indicate that the adviser trump promised to withdraw sanctions against Russia. He soon was making more generalized comments about improving U.S.-Russian relations. Trump, in turn, promised journalists to investigate the situation.

Recall, the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov denied information to the media that the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergey Kislyak supposedly even before the inauguration of US President Donald trump discussed with his assistant Michael Flynn the theme of anti-Russian sanctions.

Responding to questions of journalists, Dmitry Peskov said that, according to him, “some conversations (Flynn and Kislyak) took place,” but “it is better to confirm in the Ministry of foreign Affairs”.