Can we consider Mexico one of the most dangerous countries to live in?

Mexico city — the Apparent endorsement by trump “doubtful” of the report only increased the angry reaction in Mexico — a country trying to improve its international image.

The headlines were catchy and shocking: Mexico is the second country in the world in the degree of danger to stay.

According to the annual report of the International Institute for strategic studies (International Institute for Strategic Studies), Mexico in 2016, according to the degree of violence ahead of such combat zones as Afghanistan and Yemen, and the number of people killed she was second only to Syria.

About the study much has been said in the media, and even Donald trump — he often used southern neighbor of America as a political punching bag — posted on his Twitter page a link to an article by CNN on this report.

However, this report hardly anyone happy in Mexico — a country whose government is trying to improve its international image amid the ongoing for a decade of drug war and associated violence.

“Mexico is far from being one of the countries in the world with the highest number of violence — said the representatives of the Ministry of foreign Affairs and the Ministry of internal Affairs in a joint statement, drawn up in very sharp tones. It States that, according to the UN, the murder rate in Mexico is 16.4 per 100,000 inhabitants, far less than in some other Latin American countries, including Brazil (25.2 murders per 100 thousand inhabitants), Venezuela (53.7 murders per 100 thousand inhabitants) and Honduras (90,4 murders per 100 thousand inhabitants).

Some parts of Mexico suffered greatly from violence since that moment ten years ago when then-President Felipe Calderon declared war on organized crime. Victims of this struggle were about 200 thousand inhabitants of Mexico, and another 30 thousand people are reported missing.

However, significant segments of society in Mexico are not affected by nartanasala (the number of tourists increased by 9% in 2016, and it is a significant parameter), and therefore, the comparison of Mexico with Syria, where for six years civil war, has angered Mexicans.

Many argue that the violence in the country is heated existing in the United States the demand for illegal drugs, as well as the American black market of firearms. However, neither the one nor the other can not cope with a wall on the border, as it offers to make the trump.

Explicit approval of this report, trump has only increased the angry reaction in Mexico.

“I hope these fools are happy now. The link to this idiotic report has already placed a trump on his Twitter page,” — said in his message on the same social network OPE Alejandro (Alejandro Hope), the Mexican dimensions in the field of security.

“Associated with organized crime violence is a regional phenomenon beyond the borders of Mexico with the United States, Guatemala and Belize,” reads the statement. — The challenges faced by Mexico in these areas cannot be isolated from what happens in other areas, including illegal arms trade and demand for drugs.”

Mexican law enforcement authorities dismantled and arrested dozens of drug mafia leaders such as Joaquin “Shorty” Guzman, who was extradited to the United States on the eve of the inauguration of the trump. Used law enforcement tactics helped to break down some of the drug cartels that has caused additional violence, as new crime bosses are now fighting for control.

According to the International Institute for strategic studies, the murder rate in Mexico is comparable to the number of casualties during the civil war. “Very rarely criminal violence reaches a level comparable to the level of armed conflict. However, it occurs in the Northern triangle of Central America (Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador) and especially in Mexico,” reads the report by the International Institute for strategic studies.

“For the first two months of 2017 were recorded, the largest number of victims for the entire period of observation, the authorities had registered 3779 murders,” reads the report. In addition, it stated that 35 thousand people have been displaced, while the weakness of the state, corruption and the growing militarisation of criminal groups “suggests that the violence in Mexico has reached a level comparable to those that occur during armed conflict”.

But analysts in Mexico have expressed scepticism about the methodology used by the specialists of the International Institute for strategic studies, asking: why Mexico is given special attention in this report.

“I have to ask myself the question: if Brazil declared war on organized crime in Brazil was 50 thousand murders — that would include the international Institute for strategic studies in your report?” asks Jorge Cavas (Jorge Kawas), a Mexican analyst on security issues.

“This is a dubious work and the pursuit of sensation,” said Tom long (Tom Long), Professor at the Centre for research and teaching in Economics (Centre for Research and Teaching in Economics). Comparing violence caused by the illegal drug trade, the civil war is unfounded. Mexico, like many other Latin American countries face real challenges related to the murder of men.”

Cities in Latin America regularly ranks first in the list of municipalities with the highest number of murders — along with such American cities as St. Louis, Baltimore and Detroit.

“The estimates are questionable, but half committed Mexico murders, apparently, are not associated with the illicit drug trade,” said long.