The game of trump with the media

Information from the emails of the Democratic party and campaign Manager of Hillary Clinton, which was propagated by Wikileaks don’t hurt then candidate Donald Trump, on the contrary. He always claimed that no matter from what source the information, we are talking about its contents. After the inauguration of the trump relation to that information has changed dramatically. Now sources have suddenly become very important, so important, that content no longer has any value.

And again Russia

The fear of leaks in the White house is now so great that it checked even the mobile phones of employees who secretly can send messages. First intelligence, then the FBI is informed trump accused of intentionally disclosing classified information to a hostile media. Since then, as the publication of “The New York Times” in mid-February published an article under which members of the election headquarters trump had contacts with the Russian agents, the intensity of this trench warfare has increased significantly. At the annual conference of conservative activists last week, it reached a peak. First of all under an avalanche of criticism of this President is “The New York Times” and CNN.

Trump is very happy creates the material for the headlines, when the news is dominated by unpleasant or uncomfortable topics. At the end of last week, it touched mostly on the topics which especially hurt the President’s suspicions that his entourage had contacts with the Russian authorities who tried to manipulate the presidential election in November.

The conversation in the circle of friends?

CNN reported that the chief of staff at the White house, the Raines Primus in conversation with the heads of the FBI and asked them to publicly call a fake article, “The New York Times” about the alleged contacts with the Russians. But this request apparently was denied. Many commentators rightly asked how Primus may not realize that even a simple conversation on this subject (at the time, how is the FBI investigation) is against the rules, regardless of from whom came the initiative. The white house has not found anything wrong.

Meanwhile, spokesman Sean Spicer (Sean Spicer) have decided to turn a regular Friday press conference in a casual conversation with the media. For this, in addition to the standard group of journalists he invited and other selected media. Those who speak well of trump. And journalists “The New York Times”, CNN, Politico and some other publications that criticize trump, access denied.

Emotional demands

Reporters of Associated Press and Time magazine, who learned about the denial of access immediately boycotted the event. Association of correspondents at the White house loudly protested along with other media and, of course, interested enterprises. Reactions trump the long wait was not necessary. On Saturday afternoon, he wrote on Twitter that this year he will not attend the traditional gala dinner of the Association. Talked a lot about this. Consequently, much less attention was paid to the conversation of Primus with the heads of the FBI. And even less attention went to a Republican Darell Issa, who in a television show on Friday dropped a small bomb: in the case of trump and he was required to engage an independent investigator and, in short, said justice Minister Jeff sessions as a close friend of the President should refrain from intervention in this case.

Darrell Issa, who has previously been supported by trump, became known after the scandalous investigations against the Obama administration, he’s like a predator will not let go if felt the blood. It is unclear whether and now. In November, he barely managed to defend his place in the House of representatives, because the County an overwhelming majority voted for Hillary Clinton. For his actions can also hide political opportunism.