Vague Russia’s strategy to undermine elections in Europe fails in France

When sitting behind the keyboard commandos of Vladimir Putin looking to hack the electronic system during the presidential elections in France, as they did in America, they say, is a bit out of shape. And sverhusiliya puppet Julian Assange (Julian Assange), an Australian anarchist who hosted WikiLeaks, apparently, gets a little nervous.

It’s been a week since then, as Assange stated that he had stolen telegrams and e-mails with the mention of the three most important candidates, but no one in France special (or even no) attention is not paid. Telegrams were old and were well studied in the past, also from more traditional sources become known, and other scandals — much louder, more fresh and more sexy.

Therefore, the Russian state news sites tried to support Assange. The news Agency Sputnik, struggling to write something entertaining about it not deserving the message, the blinded second Feb story from various posts to Twitter. There, the authors scoff at those who say that the last statement WikiLeaks is part of a Russian conspiracy to undermine democracy like that which resulted in the election of the President of the United States Donald trump allegedly turned into something akin to a bad episode, the plot of “the Manchurian candidate”.

“WikiLeaks vs the French presidential candidates: who is the real “agent of the Kremlin”?” — was the headline. The conclusion was, of course, so none of the above.

But over the past days more and more it begins to seem as if Assange is (at least) is very desperate to influence the election, which now is three months. He is doing everything possible to focus on available materials at those candidates who in the final battle for the French presidency is likely to face far-right populist and nationalist marine Le Pen (Marine Le Pen).

The last of the attempts Assange was interview to the newspaper “Izvestia”, in which he said that it has “very interesting” material about the independent candidate Emanuele the Macron (Emmanuel Macron), which he found… (so get ready) email to Hillary Clinton. And again, the Russian press began to spread about this vague threat — the French news RT and Sputnik are very much tried. But directly the French press? Reported as something not very much or nothing at all.

All this was rather just a firecracker, not the supernova, but still the situation is to perform.

Why is Assange and his Russian friends so eager to help Le Pen, even though they demonstrate nothing special? As Le Pen, like trump (or, more precisely, as his Advisor Steve Bannon), wants to destroy the old political system and instead to offer only nostalgia, friends, police, and Putin.

In 2014, she not only received loans from the Bank, controlled by the Russian state (when the French companies to grant loans refused), but she and members of her party have done everything to give moral support to the forcible annexation of the Crimea Putin. And anyway, Le Pen is unlikely to know when to stop to admire Russia, and even to assert that the United States began the cold war, as well as continually portray poor Putin as a victim of various aggressions of the West.

(In fairness it should be noted that we know about the Russian loan, because someone, not related to WikiLeaks, hacked into the accounts of the supporters of Le Pen in 2014. Deceptive tactics used in cyberspace everywhere).

If a populist wave, symbolized by Brakcet and trump, continue, Le Pen and other candidates for the European elections this year (in particular in the Netherlands and Germany) can benefit from the support of Putin/Assange, in cooperation with the administration of the tramp with the purpose of undermining the foundations of the European Union or to destroy it (in the form in which we know it), and radically weaken NATO.

All it takes Putin fun, and this scenario is quite likely. We heard the man trump sends to Brussels as Ambassador to the European Union, being overjoyed because of the consciousness of his moral equivalence, unabashedly makes the comparisons with the Soviet Union and its collapse. And, of course, we heard the trump in an interview on the eve of the super bowl US football journalist and columnist Fox News channel bill O’reilly (Bill O’reilly), met Putin, having, according to O’reilly, the reputation of “killer”.

“There are a lot of killers. We have a lot of killers. What do you think our country is so innocent?”, said trump has already become infamous words. This he gave to understand that the person, whose army uses scorched earth tactics against civilians in his country and in Syria, and opponents who end up as victims of poisoning, or dying from a bullet has much in common with previous us administrations.

Nicolas Henin (Nicolas Hénin), the author of the book “Russian France” (La France Russe), predicted this kind of argument from the mouth of the Kremlin’s close friends. It is typical of Putin’s Newspeak — in the spirit of George Orwell’s novel “1984” (in the words of the novel). As Henin abruptly announced in an interview with The Daily Beast, “it will work abomination, and try to make people believe that “we behave like scum because you too do the abominations “”.

After the United States France is a key factor in realizing the hopes of the Kremlin to break the unity and discredit the ideals of the West. Le Pen wants to significantly weaken the EU or even to get out of it. And Le Pen is the key to France.

According to popular opinion and polls, prediction (whatever it was) unchanged — in the first round of voting, which will take place on 23 April, Le Pen will take the first place, and the rest — at least four candidates — will fight for crumbs. The one who will take second place (even winning a fraction of a percentage point), and then will participate in the second round on 7 may.

When Assange first started trying to advertise your old telegrams, he talked about 3630 documents, which “refers to” the candidate of the conservative Francois Fillon (François Fillon), but there was nothing to be surprised, because Fillon served as Prime Minister for five years, and the names of the heads of governments, as a rule, are mentioned frequently. Until recently, Fillon was considered the main contender for the presidency and most likely would have won in the second round. The fact that the official position of the Fillon largely creates conditions for close relations between Paris and Moscow. But not to the same extent as the position of Le Pen.

Assange also noted that he has some letters from the former Chairman of the election headquarters of Hillary Clinton, John Podestà (John Podesta), which, among other things, says about the family political dynasty Le Pen, occupying anti-immigrant position, and in the case of the father of marine, Jean-Marie Le pen — characterized by ill-concealed anti-Semitic rhetoric. But in the current French political context is, it does not hurt. Sputnik and I couldn’t resist and quoted one of the letters, which she apparently finds flattering: “Le Foam are very close “relatives” of trump, although they are much more educated.”

By the time when Assange gave this week an interview with “Izvestia”, the political landscape has changed. According to several articles published in respectable and inclined to satirical investigative weekly Le Canard Enchainé, Fillon enlisted his wife Penelope and two sons to the civil service as assistants in the office of Parliament that allowed them to earn for several years about a million dollars without performing any concrete work. Please note that in France it is not illegal, but a devout Catholic Fillon’s been campaigning, speaking as a model of integrity, and promised to cut 500 thousand jobs of public servants. So he, as a candidate, is now in a very difficult position.

On Monday during a lengthy press conference Fillon apologised for his actions, saying that times have changed and what was once acceptable now is not. But he promised to continue to participate in the presidential race, of course, if he still isn’t being charged with a court, which understands that now, of course, known as “Penelopiad”.

Marine Le Pen has some similar problems. The European Parliament, which she is a member, demanded her back about 400 thousand dollars paid to two of its associates, who allegedly worked in Parliament, and in her political party. She just happened to do it and, like trump, it seems, is virtually indestructible and does not react to allegations of corruption — at least at the moment.

Meanwhile, the region is not unpopular socialist President, Francois Hollande (François Hollande) is not running for another term, but his party is in grief and in spite of some of the dynamics of his recently nominated candidate, and the ultraleft “bright green” Benoit Amon (Benoît Hamon), likely, it seems, has not. Thus on the radical left flank weak hopes of the socialists on the first round off under pressure from independent candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon (Jean-Luc Mélenchon).

That frees up the field for 39-year-old independent candidate of centrist Emmanuel Macron — a rising star and an investment Manager at Rothschilds and the former Minister of the economy under Hollande, who receives support as disillusioned socialists-the centre-left, and found themselves in the awkward position of former supporters of Fillon.

Macron has taken the lead according to the polls, according to which he must take second place in the first round and possibly win a landslide victory over Le Pen in the second. She calls her campaign a battle of “patriots” with “globalists” and saying he thinks of Macron (which she calls “a staunch globalist,” and who is also a supporter of the integration of Western Europe, and, in principle, friendly to US, but not to the Tramp) as its most likely enemy.

In this election year anything is possible, and, ultimately, the youth and enthusiasm of the Macron (some call it “excitement”) on a public stage may not be the taste of most French voters. Fillon, who is in a very uncertain position may turn up.

However, it would be fair to suggest that Le Pen will remain the favorite of Putin, and Moscow with their useful stooges like Assange will do everything possible to get her elected President.