Reva said that the recalculation of subsidies until the end of the heating season will not be

The government of Ukraine assured that before the end of this heating season a recalculation of subsidies will not be held.

“The Cabinet decision (about changing social norms – ed.) comes into effect on may 1, 2017. For grants that are already approved for people, it will not appear. Recalculate subsidies under the new regulations before the end of the heating season will not” – said the Minister of social policy Andrei Reva in the air of inter TV channel on Sunday evening.

The Minister noted that the test tested in the past year after completion of the heating season has shown that the country high standards for gas consumption.

“In fact people consumes 5.3 m cubic meters of gas per 1 square meter of area in a month. And the norm was 7 m cubic meters of gas. Accordingly, there was overpayment on grants, the state paid more than people consumed. (Overpayment – ed.) to UAH 14.5 bn. Changing social norms, the government brought energy consumption to the level of consumption in previous heating season,” – he explained.