Girl Sergey Bolbat said that wears the clothing of a footballer (photo)

Soccer girl player of the Belgian “Lokeren” Sergey Bolbat in one of the social networks told how bored without my boyfriend when he’s on the training camp.

“All girls, when bored, put on the clothes of their guys, so it creates a warm feeling that he was close, smell his scent, a small illusion of presence of a loved one. And I’m thinking: poor guys… they will never get into our clothes. What do they do when very bored? It remains a mystery. It is obvious that they also have their ways of “schucany”, but they keep them secret,” the girl wrote in Instagram.

“Oh yeah, I always wear clothes Vlad,” commented Victoria, the girl Vladlen Yurchenko.

After 21 rounds Lokeren occupies the tenth place in the championship of Belgium, and Sergey Bolbat played in 14 games and scored three goals. Ukrainian acts in Belgium on loan, the rights to the player belong to Shakhtar.