How to change the life of Ukrainians in 25 years: the living space has increased, but the free apartment almost give

More than half of our citizens still do not have hot water at home, and four out of ten and does carry water from the well and not gaining from the tap, estimated by the state statistics service. Every third old-fashioned is used to heat the house with coal or wood, not gas or electricity. However, a quarter of a century ago, according to state Statistics, with comfort in homes, the situation was even worse. But in those days it was really years 10-12 to receive from the state a free apartment, now they almost do not give.

METERS AND LITERS. As you can see from the infographic, over 25 years, the number of square meters per occupant has increased by 5 m, or 28%, equivalent to a room measuring 2.5 by 2 meters. But merit not the state, and the citizens themselves, because now they increasingly build housing for their money. But the number of granted free apartments (the anachronism of the Soviet era still exists) decreased from 235 thousand to 3 thousand, or about 80 times. But more and more people, especially in villages, began to build and equip their homes with city convenience spending in the house the cold water and warming it in gas or electric boilers to installing radiators of water heating, shower, bathroom and modern sanitation. Suffice it to mention that the number of houses and apartments with baths have grown in 25 years from 35% to 47%, now have a bath every second. However, as we said in the state Statistics, they take into account all types of residential spaces and in an urban high-rise all this already, so the increase happened primarily due to private ilgamov in the Outback. The availability of electricity we have — almost 100%.
As for free housing, then, as explained to us the Chairman of the Union of homeowners Oleksiy Kucherenko, now considerably truncated list of those who have the right to shelter by the state. “If 25 years ago it was all who live in cramped conditions, but now there was only the military, orphans upon reaching adulthood, people living in emergency houses, in which the poor person has 5-7 sq m, Chernobyl, the disabled, combatants and civil servants, including judges, prosecutors, deputies, — said Kucherenko. — There are more than 650 thousand people, but really a year now make only about 3,000 apartments (0.5% of the required). The main reason is the budget has no money. Hard working co-financing program of the housing (on equal footing with the state), but there are hundreds of apartments a year, which is very little.”

MONEY AND THE DEFICIT. Economists and energoexpert there are several reasons that people as a whole began to live more comfortably. The welfare of the society has increased significantly. Gradually, the deficit disappeared: appeared on the market of imported Ukrainian gas and pellet (extruded bars of wood) boilers, baths, plumbing etc. “developed middle class began to invest not only in new apartments, but in the comfortable suburban housing, ordinary villagers, too, began to modernize their homes, hence the sharp increase in the level of comfort, — says economist Victor Lissitzky. But because of the devaluation of the hryvnia in recent years, saturation has reached the limit and even went into decline. Still stoked with wood stove, carrying water from the well and use “amenities” in the street those who are poor and are unlikely to become richer. Primarily elderly pensioners in remote villages.” Agrees with him Director of energy programmes of the Center for world economy and international relations NASU Valentyn Zemlyansky: “the biggest growth in equipping houses with modern equipment occurred in 2005-2008, when the economy was growing in the country. Then worked the program of gasification of villages, people EN masse was carried out in house gas, water, installed water heaters. Now it’s not.”

“The people back into the wood”

Experts predict that the improvement of the conditions of life of Ukrainians will continue, but trends will change: people in private homes will begin to abandon gas and current in the use of firewood and charcoal.

“Did the right thing by those who, installing a gas boiler, not dismantle antiquated furnace, now they have an alternative, — Zemlyansky speaks. — Growing demand for economical pellet boilers with an efficiency of up to 80%. They quickly pay for themselves due to the cheapness of fuel. Unfortunately, more thriving illegal deforestation”.

Alas, the authorities once again promised the rising cost of energy. Thus, the head of the national Commission on energy and komuslug Dmitry Vovk said that the electricity for the population below cost price by 40% and even the planned increase in the price of a kilowatt-hour from March 1 is not enough, although 2.5 years ago planned exit in 2017 at a cost. Let’s remind that now the consumption to 100 kWh per month. one kWh is 71,4 COP., more than 100 kWh per month. — 1,29 UAH, will be 90 kopecks and UAH 1.68. To blame inflation for 2014-16 will be presented. she was 100% ie all prices have doubled.