Problem feet: what to do with old Khrushchev in Ukraine

Many renovation projects have stalled because of the position of tenants

Every year in Ukraine is becoming more and more dilapidated housingthat needs to be reconstructed or even demolished. Colorful and comfortable the building is grey and shabby have become a reality in Europe. In the West, the process of this transformation is called “revitalization”, as we used to say – “reconstruction”.

Moreover, in Europe it is common practice, and in Ukraine – only a few cases. Some experts say that the reason is the imperfect legislation, the terms of which are uninteresting to developers. The bills they write, rewrite and still can… Cases when reconstruction came to a logical conclusion, can be counted on the fingers.

Only in Kiev need to be updated three thousand, Khrushchev and “stalinok”. And more than a hundred require demolition or major refurbishment.

“At the moment we have a lot of houses on troyeschina, Old Darnitsa, Obolon”, – says the adviser to the Deputy Chairman of the Kyiv city state administration Alexey Tikhonov.

Restoration require entire neighborhoods. And start it had a quarter of a century ago, experts say.

“With 96-go year, it seems, is a constant theme in Kiev”, – says the architect Oleg Grechukh.