What if dream bad dreams

Instead of sweet sleep, through which you can completely relax, you all night had a nightmare? You Wake up in a cold potui some time trying to figure out where you are and what is happening to you? The peak of anxiety gradually goes away, you calm down a little, but obviously afraid to fall asleep. And suddenly again will dream of something terrible, suggestive of a huge fear? Such nightmares, probably each of us once in your life. However, a person’s life turns into a horror if the nightmares haunt him every day. People who have nightmares, looks embarrassed. He does not understand the reasons for such a state, and sees no possibility to get rid of them. However, to deal with this can and should be, until the nightmares finally crippled your health, writes likar.info.

Why have nightmares

First of all you need a good “look” to your nervous system. How often do you feel nervous? How much emotionally you had a day, what is your attitude to everything happening around you? No easy task, and you most likely will need a competent therapist who will help you to understand the reasons that led to this condition. Often the cause of night terrors are troubles at work, in the family, loss of a loved one, moving to another residence and much more.

Among other reasons for nightmares also there are:

– intake of fatty and spicy foods, especially at night. As you know spicy food raises body temperature, which significantly accelerates the metabolism. And this in turn prevents you to fully relax;

the position of the bed. It often happens that a man is enough to change the room or move the bed as the nightmares recede. So if you are troubled dreams, try to begin to change the place of rest. Maybe at this stage you will avoid problems;

– excessive use of alcohol;

– excessive exercise, having a negative impact on the adrenal glands. In this scenario, the adrenals do not control the process of utilization of sugar, which leads to a decrease in the level of glucose in the blood, and, as a consequence, to bad restless sleep;

– taking certain medicines;

diseases that increase body temperature. Most often it is the cold and the flu.

Consult your doctor

Oddly enough, but some reputable scientists say that the nightmare can be useful for human health, if, of course, it is rare. The fact is that the horror in the dream as if it trains the human psyche, and in real life people are more firmly opposed to such a trouble.

However, if the nightmare has become a phenomenon of daily (or frequent), and you can’t cope, then you should immediately consult a specialist. You will certainly need the help of the therapist. Nightmares often indicate the presence of neuroses and chronic anxiety. To cope with this is almost impossible, since here the necessary and psychoanalysis, and himself people not to analyze.

What else can I do

What you can do yourself in order to reduce the risk of nightmare night? Try to change some of your habits, and you might feel relief.

– Try to fall asleep around 22:00.

Before going to sleep well ventilate the room. In recologne the best time to sleep with an open window.

– Review your diet. Give preference to low-fat and non-spicy food. The last meal should be no later than 3 hours before bedtime.

– Protect yourself from hits action movies, horror and all gear with a negative connotation, especially at night. Switch to Comedy genre and easy.

– Before sleeping it is best to walk at least half an hour in the fresh air.

– Before bed you can drink warm milk with honey. This will soothe you and help to sleep soundly.

On request it is possible to take a sleeping pill, which regulates the duration and structure of sleep, and also has a light sedative effect.