Nevzorov: Ukraine and Russia have arranged competition – who will have time to liquidate following the leader of the militants

Today it is impossible to predict who will eliminate next the leader of the militants of the so-called “DNR” and “LNR”, but Russia, unlike Ukraine, has “enormous experience in these matters”. This view of “observer” stated famous Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov.

According to him, the Ukrainian and Russian parties are involved in “socialist competition” – “who will have time to” liquidate following the leader of the militants, therefore, “impossible to guess” who will do the task faster.

At the same time, Nevzorov said: “I do not believe in the possibility of the Ukrainian side, because the best that can sabotage your team to sneak up and put a fat”.

In response to journalists that we should not underestimate the Ukrainian DRG, the publicist said: “Wait, everything will be fine, they just got started! You have never had the need. You’ll still be big and strong.”

“But the Russian Federation has enormous experience in these matters,” he said.

We will remind, earlier Alexander Nevzorov has offered Russian troops to unite with the forces of the APU.