What is healthy food considered harmful to health

Some products have acquired a large variety of myths are not helpful and those which should be abandoned. There are five products that really don’t harm the body, but rather, will benefit and will be a valuable source of nutrients, writes the edition “KitchenMag”.


  • Fast food protect against serious diseases: scientists have conducted experiments

This mythical list:

  • Butter

Lately butter unjustly attributed to the category of not very useful products. And a very good reason. Our mothers and grandmothers knew exactly what was in this product much more useful than harmful costs. So, in butter contains vitamins D, A, E, C, b, calcium, phospholipids and essential amino acids.
These substances actively participate in the construction process of the cells, including the nervous system. Regular consumption of butter has a positive impact on appearance: strengthens hair, prevents stratification of the nails, skin tone and. Butter in moderation has a positive effect on the health of the heart and blood vessels, prevents blood clots and improves their elasticity.

  • Pasta

The Italians choose for your diet pasta from durum wheat, and I try everyday not to add sauce, cheese and other high-calorie toppings. In our country the situation is different: the pasta is definitely pasta with lots of extra ingredients and dressings. That’s the main reason calories and other problems.

Refrain from complex recipes in favor of simple and very useful pasta from durum wheat, and rejoice in the gastronomic life. For a taste, complement them with fresh vegetables or greens.

  • Ice cream

Next time, don’t rush to abandon ice cream. This dessert can be very useful, it is only important to choose. And this is no easy task, given the wide range of modern shops.

The best ice cream to make your own. This would require a natural yogurt and your favorite berries or fruit. All this is enough to leave in the freezer until morning. As a result you will receive product, which is composed of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and are important for normal metabolism enzymes.

  • Breakfast cereals

Breakfast cereals are different. In most of them do not dominate the most useful ingredients, large amounts of sugar. But this does not mean that all the flakes fit that description. Carefully read the information on the packaging and choose those, the list of ingredients which are very simple and straightforward. Breakfast cereals designed for children, so that the Supervisory authorities closely monitor their composition. This product often contains B vitamins, calcium and iron.

  • Gummies

Marmalade is a good dessert. For its production manufacturers use molasses, sugar, gelatin, pectin, citric acid, Volkogonov blend, natural and natural identical flavoring and coloring. This is extremely useful ingredients so that no harm and only benefit.

10% jujube consists of beeswax, which is also different useful composition. When injected wax into the human body increases the flow of vitamins and other biologically active substances. In addition, the teeth and mouth from such a dessert only become clearer. Feel free to replace jelly and chewing gum.