The karting centre in Belgium, 50 people were poisoned by carbon monoxide

In the Belgian city of Mons Saturday night enacted a local contingency plan in connection with a poisoning with exhaust gases of about 50 people at a local karting center.

“As a result of many poisonings with CO gas (carbon monoxide – Ed.) what happened in the new karting Vavra, the municipality declares an emergency plan municipal scale. Rescuers work at the site. Victim assistance”, – stated in the communique of the authorities of Wavre, which quoted the Belgian media.

Reportedly, failed ventilation designed to remove exhaust gases. The audience in the pavilion of inhaled carbon monoxide. About a dozen people suffered serious poisoning. In the hospital Vavra created a crisis center. Media have reported several teams of rescuers, medics and police arrived on the scene.

Tests of the closed trails was attended by about 150 people. The official opening is scheduled for February 14, is now in question.