Wife Kara-Murza accuses Putin of poisoning

In one of the Moscow hospitals fighting for his life, a prominent critic of Putin Vladimir Kara-Murza. Relatives believe that he was poisoned, accused the Kremlin of creating a hostile environment for all who criticize the government.

“Putin himself and his government is somehow responsible for it. They are responsible for what has created such an atmosphere in the country, when people kill for their beliefs” says wife of Vladimir Kara-Murza Eugene in an interview with Expressen.

When Vladimir Kara-Murza Jr. on Thursday came to the hospital, he was on the verge of life and death. Relatives said that the body has ceased to function and he fell into a coma. He is now awake and stabilized. But the situation of the opposition politician and journalist, who is not yet able to speak, still very serious.

I loved the feeling of deja vu. For the second time in two years, Vladimir Kara-Murza ill mystical disease. Last time he expressed confidence that he was poisoned intelligence. This time his wife Eugenia Kara-Murza also sees only one explanation: poison.

“The doctors say that this is the result of an unknown substance — that is, a poisoning, a simple human language,” she says.

“There was only one explanation”

Expressen can not independently confirm these allegations. Someone in Russia also questioned the words of Eugenia, and the doctors reported in the press that, apparently, about the poison. But Eugene rejects all doubts, although he admits that the type substances are not installed.

Last time there were suspicions that blame side effects of medication. But, according to relatives of Vladimir Kara-Murza, it these drugs are no longer accepting.

“No, we looked at all possible natural explanations, and there’s one left. Diagnosis of Russian doctors confirms it,” says Eugene.

“Full of iniquity”

She is convinced that someone wants to poison her husband because of his political work. For example, he tried to convince US that sanctions against Russia should be strengthened, and other countries encouraged to join them.

“Unfortunately, there are many people that will always be irritated by the actions of my husband. The situation in Russia now is that members of the opposition killed, persecuted, imprisoned — in this situation of complete lawlessness can happen anything”.

Two years ago, right at the walls of the Kremlin, was shot dead Boris Nemtsov, the opposition leader and friend of Vladimir Kara-Murza. Close Nemtsov criticized the result because the organizer of the murder was never called to account.

Accuses Putin

Eugene Kara-Murza puts the responsibility on the Russian government. This does not mean that the deputies had poisoned her husband personally, with his own hands, but in the prevailing now in the society the atmosphere of attacks on dissidents are not considered unusual. To blame Vladimir Putin personally, she said.

“Putin himself and his government one way or another are responsible. They are responsible for what has created a climate in the country, when people are being killed for their beliefs.”

Relations between Russia and Western countries have recently become worse than ever in recent decades. But thanks novomu President of the United States Donald Trump and constantly weakening relations in the EU Russia will soon return to its original place, according to some experts.

This Eugene Kara-Murza applies sharply critical.

“I would say that President Putin is a killer, and it is necessary to apply. You can not build a normal relationship with someone who puts such of its citizens.”

The Kremlin denies allegations

The last attack of illness the mystical Kara-Murza has attracted the attention of the United States. There is a politician John McCain (John McCain) spoke about a possible poisoning.

This weekend, bill O’reilly (Bill O’reilly), TV host of American channel Fox, as the times called Putin a “murderer”. It happened in an interview with the new President of the United States Donald trump. This feature has caused indignant reaction from the Kremlin, which demanded that the channel apologize.

The Kremlin denies any involvement in disease Kara-Murza.

“It is absolutely absurd to link this unfortunate incident with President Putin,” — said the official representative of the President Dmitry Peskov CNN.

Given the situation of the family, it is easy to think that Eugene Kara-Murza would prefer that her husband abandoned his political activities, which she believes is connected to his illness.

But Kara-Murza repeatedly returned to Russia from the United States, where he sometimes lives. And the wife says she would never force her husband to leave his job.

“I know that he is aware of all the risks, she says. — He understood them when he returned to Russia after the first poisoning, he understands them now. But I would never ask him to betray his beliefs”.