Ukraine has accused “Gazprom” in the next transit violations

Russian gas Gazprom has sharply reduced gas pressure at the inlet to the gas transportation system (GTS) of Ukraine. This was reported by press Secretary of “Ukrtransgaz”.

“Gazprom” continues to violate contractual pressure at the Russian stations Sudzha it recorded a sharp decrease of 9% from the norm,” bielawski wrote on his page in Facebook.

Despite a sharp decline in gas pressure, Ukraine transit performs the request and provides the necessary pressure on the Western border, added bielawski.

We will remind, “Ukrtransgaz” a few weeks ago, already stated that Gazprom is systematically violating contractual pressure at the entrance of the transit of gas to Ukraine. “Of the 30 biggest contract pressure on GIS “Pisarevka” was aged just 12 days, on GIS “Sudzha” was consistently below the contract conditions”, – reported in “Ukrtransgaz”.

Also in the “Naftogaz of Ukraine” in 2016, has repeatedly stated fixed “failures” in gas pressure from the Russian side of the border below the contract level.

Why is it important?

Due to the downward pressure Gazprom complicates the implementation of their own applications for the transportation of gas to Europe, explained in “Naftogaz”. In such circumstances, the Ukrainian operator of GTS have to adjust their work to bear the additional costs to balance the transit.