Rates in the Donbass increase

Viewers of the Sunday television shows the main Kremlin propagandist Dmitry Kiselyov probably experienced a feeling of deja vu.

The Kiev government was, again, bloody junta, insidious Western intelligence again was up to something, and thousands of Russian Cossacks was supposedly only waiting for the order to come to the aid of their brothers in the Donbas. It’s exactly like the summer of 2014.

But today the situation is different: fierce fighting near the city of Avdeevka takes place in a small area, and no one speaks about the occurrence. Inevitably there is a feeling that both sides are trying primarily to raise rates before some future decision.

Some observers explain the resumption of fighting a telephone conversation between Donald trump and Vladimir Putin that took place right before the massive attack of the separatists in Avdiivka. However, the fighting began in December when the Ukrainian army managed to take a few sample points near Debaltseve and thus to shift the front line about half a kilometer.

Of the Donbass speak again

The current standoff artillery under the plant also began with the fact that the forces of the Ukrainian army occupied the position of the separatists. Kiev argues that the Minsk agreement is not violated because, according to them, the territory controlled by the Ukrainian government. And technically, that’s true. However, this agreement is not valid from the beginning.

By the way, according to the agreement, the separatists have nothing to do in the Crimea, which was transferred into their hands a week after the signing of the Treaty, which was immediately followed by a truce. That heavy weapons need to take away from the front line, likely, the parties had forgotten, and happily shelled each other with heavy artillery and systems “Grad”.

With regard to the political aspects of the Minsk accords and the situation is no better. Kiev insists on the fact that before carrying out of regional elections should take control of the border with Russia. Representatives of the so-called people’s republics require the opposite. How to cope with this quadrature of the circle, until they come up with. But to keep this conflict into a “frozen” state by type of Transnistria is also not impossible.

Now, all tensely awaiting the action of the new administration of Donald trump. She made it clear that to start the search for compromise with Russia to the detriment of Ukraine. So Kiev for the current escalation at hand, because of the problem of Donbass spoke up again. A separatist is important to demonstrate that the Kiev government so they just do not give up and that their interests need to be considered.

The bad thing is that because of this shoot. Every day civilians are killed, which happened to be near the front line and who did not have the manpower and money to run to a safe place.