The weather forecast for the week: in what regions should not leave home without an umbrella

In the coming days, forecasters predict relatively warm and comfortable temperature. Highest temperatures will be in the East and centre of the country, and in the Western regions the rains. But September 20 is already pouring in most parts of Ukraine, in nikolayevshchina thunderstorms.

The website “Today” has found out, the residents of which regions in the coming days, you should take an umbrella.


September 16, Saturday, on the most part of Ukraine, partly cloudy weather, no precipitations, only in some Western regions the rains. In the West of Ukraine are expected thunderstorms, the rest of the – partly cloudy. The temperature in the afternoon will oscillate in the range of 18-30 degrees above zero. The West will be cool 18-20 degrees Celsius, but it will be hot in the South to +30. In the Central part of the country the average temperature will be 25-27 degrees.


September 17, Sunday, the rains will pour even more Western regions. But the temperature quite a bit, but will increase. In the South (in Mykolaiv, Kherson, Zaporizhia regions) is expected to be really hot, up to + 33. In the West – from 19 to 28 degrees Celsius in the East – from 26 to 31 degrees Celsius. The same weather is expected in the center.


18 September on the territory of Ukraine, without precipitation. Across the country – partly cloudy and warm all the same. The temperature ranges from 19 (in the West) to 33 (in the southern part of the country) degrees. In the North the temperature will be 26-28 degrees Celsius, the center is even warmer – 29-31 degrees.


On 19 September the whole of Western Ukraine flood rains, which will bring with it cold – the temperature there falls to 14-18 degrees Celsius. Rainy will be in the Kyiv, Cherkasy regions. But on the South and East of the country will stay all the same autumn heat to 32 degrees.


20 September rain will cover already a large part of Ukraine – will be pouring in the West, North, Central and some southern regions (so, in nikolayevshchina even thunderstorms). The temperature will remain the same – from 14 to 18 degrees in the West from 23 to 32 degrees Celsius in the South, from 19 to 22 degrees above zero in the Northern part of the country and from +24 to +32 degrees in the East.

National weather forecast

September 16, venerated the memory of saints of the blast furnace and Vasilisa the great, according to the portal “Weatherman”. This day was made “pribiraniye junk in the house”, to gain prosperity in the fall. In the old days this day was watching the ant: if ants have built a great heap to fall, you should prepare for a harsh winter.

September 17 marks the day of remembrance of the icon of the Mother of God called “burning Bush.” On this day our ancestors at the dawn of the went to hear the last voices of birds, flying South for the winter. And watched the ravens: if the ravens come to heads in different directions — the day will be windless, and if one, Yes, as close to the tree trunk — it is necessary to wait for the wind.

18 Sep revered the memory of the monk Athanasius of Brest. The weather that day, our ancestors were determined for mountain ash: if in the woods it a lot – the autumn will be rainy and a little dry. If the leaves on the mountain ash turned yellow early autumn will be early and early cold winter.

19 Sep revered the memory of the Archangel Michael. From this time began Michael’s freezing in the morning, “Michael frost land grab”. In the old days our ancestors winter was determined by an aspen-leaf if they fall face up to the icy winter, wrong side up — winter will be warm, and if so, and so winter will be mild.

September 20 marks the feast day of St Luke. On the bow was determined by the coming winter: if the bulb is a lot of “clothes” – to be the winter cold. To this day a characteristic drizzling rain. Our ancestors followed the spruce cones: if they grew low to be an early frost, and if it is real cold in late winter to expect.