What is enoterapiya, and how to make wine in medicine: doctors ‘ advice

Several decades of grape wine is one of the most debated topics in medicine. Doctors and nutritionists, the proponents of wine drinking and a healthy lifestyle are arguing about what is more in a glass of wine — good or bad?

In 2013, the point in the age-old debate put the scientists: a thirty year study conducted by experts of the Paris and Bordeaux universities, allowed them to confidently say: the consumption of this drink brings the body more good than harm. Because of the 35 thousand subjects the most healthy were the ones who drank wine, — of course, in moderation.

What distinguishes this drink from a number of other and how to use it not only for fun but also for the treatment, we were told the experts: Larisa Osipova — Professor, head of Department of technology of wine of ONAFT and enology, Ph. D., and Elena Konovalenko — dietician, endocrinologist highest category of the medical center “diamed”, PhD

The benefits and harms

In wines of various types contains more than 1000 compounds with different chemical nature: antioxidants, nitrogenous compounds, edible organic acids, alkaloids, steroid hormones, a broad range of phenolic compounds, carbohydrates and many others. In grapes and its derivatives is a complex of essential amino acids, a combination of glucose and fructose, b vitamins, C, P, PP, A, sodium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and other micro – and macroelements. From the point of view of preserving beauty and youth are the most valuable substances contained in wine, polyphenols are considered: they fight free radicals, accumulating in the human body. This special property of the wine gave development a new direction in anti-aging beauty therapy. Wine facial mask is applied to calm the skin, allows it to regain its elasticity and healthy color.

Still grape wines have bacteriostatic and bactericidal effect, destroying a number of pathogens. Interesting fact: natural water of any origin can be considered completely decontaminated if it is to add 1/3 of the wine.

The main argument against the medical use of wine is the content of alcohol and as a result, the probability of formation of alcohol dependence. Especially dangerous is the effect of alcohol on pregnant and lactating women, children, and adolescents.


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When the wine is a medicine

Enoterapiya is a method of treatment of various diseases and enhance human health with a help of specially selected wines in certain dosages. Since ancient times, healers have used wine to treat, and in 1994, French researchers introduced this concept as a special section of clinical medicine. The direction of the wine therapy is widespread in countries with a deep history of winemaking in France, Italy, Greece, Cyprus. In these countries developed a special enteropeptidase reference book which lists the dosages and types of wines to aid the body in the various States.

So, red wine is recommended to use at reduced pressure (hypotension), malnutrition, obesity, and as a tonic. White wine is useful in hypertension, poor liver function, as a diuretic and a laxative. White table wines have a tonic action: it is recommended in atherosclerosis.

Small quantities of wine are in the metabolic disorders, anemia, fatigue and periods of rehabilitation of the organism after diseases. Muscat normalize the nervous system and beneficial effect on the respiratory system, and relaxes and sparkling wines are shown in melancholia.

Treatment wine can in some cases eliminate the use of hard drugs. Moreover, wine is effective in situations where medications are powerless. So, in the case of persistent vomiting that cannot be stopped by other means, helps out a bottle of cold champagne. In influenza, pneumonia and bronchopneumonia used hot red wine with sugar. For beriberi useful all dry wines.


According to who standards, safe daily dose for men is 400 g of dry wine, for women, 300 g of the same drink. A minimum of 4 days a week should do without alcohol altogether.

Masks for skin


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Mask of wine will make the skin soft, silky and elastic. They rejuvenate the skin, deeply nourish it and clean perfectly eliminates dead cells and impurities.
When choosing a wine basics for the mask, you should start from the quality of the drink and type of your skin. Owners of oily skin type, attention should be paid to semi-dry white wine: it has the ability to regulate the water balance of oily skin.
And the owners of dry skin type, you need to pay attention to semi-sweet or sweet red wine mask, this wine moisturizes and tones.


One of the most recommended options of masks — from white wine (30 g), honey (1 tsp), sour cream (1 teaspoon) and egg yolk (1 piece). It cleans the skin and tightens. If you wish to lighten the color of facial skin, instead of sour cream you can add lemon juice.


Take a fresh egg yolk and carefully whisk it with white wine (20 g) and low-fat yogurt (25 g) and immediately apply the mask on the skin. Stand for about 10 minutes, then wash off with water room temperature. To do this mask can be no more than two times a week. This will provide you superior cleansing and its beautiful appearance: this mask at home would be a great option for keeping skin in good shape.


Pick up the ingredients depending on skin type. Mix them, apply on gauze first cut, then the top should be covered with another layer of cheesecloth, and only then prepared the mask can be applied on the face. During the procedure, it is better to lie down for 15 minutes. After a time the mask is removed, and the face is rinsed with warm and then cold water.