Observador (Portugal): Putin and XI Jinping are brothers in suppression of basic freedoms

The leaders of both China and Russia trying to emerge victorious from the current crisis, the saviors of his own and other peoples. And the so-called West, apparently, no leaders able to resist them.

In China and Russia is ruled by different political regimes, but they have in common: state capitalism, expansionism in foreign policy, the suppression of opposition of any type in the country, and the use of lies as the main weapon of propaganda.

The Chinese authorities at the beginning of the pandemic сovid-19 resorted to deceit that prevented taking timely action to curb the disease and led to its rapid spread around the globe. Totalitarian Russian leadership boasted that can deal with flash, but also to provide humanitarian assistance to other States. Now the situation in the country is deplorable. The Chinese regime, in violation of previous agreements, restricts the basic freedoms of Hong Kong residents, sending in the trash the principle of Deng Xiaoping’s “One country, two systems”. But inside China dissenters are forced to remain silent, whether ordinary citizens or members of the Communist party. Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin’s regime faces a deep crisis caused by the pandemic and falling prices for oil and gas on international markets — trying to silence all those who want to denounce the errors committed by the leadership in the fight against coronavirus. In addition, the Russian authorities underestimate the number of infections and deaths, and that the people sat quietly, throwing him from his master’s shoulder handouts in the form of grants.

Under the guise of a pandemic, the Kremlin has achieved the approval of laws that further restrict the activities of the opposition. At the slightest hint of the protests, the authorities resort to detention. In Moscow detained more than 20 politicians, media representatives and ordinary citizens. Journalist Ilya Azar was sentenced to 15 days of arrest for a picket in front of the police. However, he complied with all security measures introduced at the time of a pandemic: it was a mask and gloves. Others also protested individually, as the Constitution of the Russian Federation for carrying out of single picket does not need to obtain permission. But the police have found another pretext that they violate the regime of self-isolation. The protesters just need a transparent trial in the case of Vladimir Vorontsov, the former COP who defends the rights of law enforcement in social networks. Authorities accuse him of extortion and pornography.

Doctors and other medical staff are afraid to speak about the conditions in which they work. Fear persecution. Some of those who dared to speak about it, accused of spreading false information. Others had to apologize directly to the TV — so it was in Chechnya. It should be noted that Russia has better freedom of speech than in China, but each time she loses more and more power. And you don’t have to beat or kill journalists. It is only necessary that the economic structures associated with the authorities, bought the few media organizations that exist in the country. So it is with the media in Russia. For example, recently a number of Russian media on the orders of the Kremlin has removed from its pages satirical video popular comedian Maxim Galkin, where he is a parody of President Putin and Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin. The leaders of both China and Russia trying to emerge victorious from the current crisis, the saviors of his own and other peoples. Despite the fact that Russia is one of the first places on the number of new cases of coronavirus, the authorities have hastened to declare about the gradual lifting of restrictions. Vladimir Putin has ordered to hold a Victory Parade on June 24. After he definitely will convene the “people’s vote”, designed to extend his stay in the Kremlin.

In Russia and China there are no opposition forces that can affect whatever it is, because of what the current regimes are easier to hold on to power. In addition, the so-called West, obviously, no political leaders, who could resist these and other totalitarian regimes. American President Donald trump is a parody of a leader. He’s arrogant and incompetent, unable to unite with other democratic regimes. And I’m not sure that his opponent Joe Biden in case of a victory on elections in November of this year to better cope with the role of President. In such circumstances, the European Union could play a key role in creating the pole, defending democratic values. But the EU is torn by many internal conflicts, there was little he could do without close cooperation with the United States. The Kremlin does not accidentally make such a bet on the weakening of the European Union.

For European leaders is reason to think the collapse of Europe will give impetus to the expansionist aspirations of Russia. It is not surprising that the Portuguese Communist party (PCP) supports regimes such as China and Russia. This party stuck in the past and does not think of itself without the old fairy tales. She is unable to develop. According to PCP, China aims to take the place of the Soviet Union as a “guiding star of humanity.” In this case, even Maoism, with its infamous cultural revolution appears excuse, like Stalinism with its Gulag. Enough to read what the journalist Gustavo Carneiro of the Central Committee of the party writes in the weekly newspaper “Avante”: “Unprecedented growth of the Asian giant [China] after the 1949 revolution: freeing millions of people from poverty, hunger, obscurantism, the remarkable increase in life expectancy, the transformation of the backward and dependent countries into one of the largest powers of our time”. Not a word about the many millions of victims! As for Russia, it’s all the same “anti-imperialist”, “anti-European” country.