The courts block the reforms trump, and Lukashenko gave Baku a foreign journalist: week in the world

In the third week of her reign the 45th President of the United States was faced with the fact that his decrees are cancelled even faster than the reforms of its predecessor. On Sunday the appeals court in the US rejected the administration’s request of Donald trump, require to immediately restore the operation of the immigration Ordinance banning the entry of citizens of the Sudan, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Iraq, Iran and Syria. February 4 the Federal court in Seattle has suspended the decree, as contrary to the Constitution. This gave the opportunity to thousands of aliens who have received a U.S. visa before the inauguration of the trump, to enter this country. According to Bi-bi-si, since the publication of the decree of January 27 was cancelled, about 100 thousand have already been issued U.S. visas.

Of course, trompowsky team is trying to appeal the verdicts. The justice Department insists that States cannot challenge presidential orders, and also to question his judgment on national security. And trump is angry. “Just can’t believe the Ref puts our country in such danger. If anything happens, blame him and the judicial system. People flowing river. Bad! — he wrote in Twitter. — I requested the services of national security to check everyone entering our country VERY CAREFULLY. The courts make this job very difficult!”

On the whole, since the inauguration of the trump has already become a defendant in 52 lawsuits, which is a record compared to previous leaders of the United States, reports NBC. Lawsuits against trump filed in 17 States.

The second problem faced billionaire — the formation of the Cabinet of Ministers, which, in his opinion, interfere with the Democrats. The majority of the cast trump candidates awaiting consideration by the Senate, and the procedure for discussion of the candidate on a post of the Minister of education, billionaire Betsy DeVos on Wednesday was delayed for nearly a day. Trump absolutely sure that the fault of the opponents, not the fact that DeVos has no experience with public schools. For example, in January she stated that schools in Wyoming, you must have weapons to protect themselves from grizzly. At the time of this writing, Congress has approved only seven candidates for senior positions in the administration of the 21. Their posts have occupied the President’s proposed Ministers of defense, justice (aka US attorney), internal security, transport, education, and the Secretary of state and permanent representative to the UN. Yesterday, the Senate began hearings on the appointment to the post of Minister of health and social services USA Tom price, a prominent opponent of Obamacare.

Team trump has problems and in the process of habitation of the White house. The newspaper the New York Times summed up its total two-week reign of the 45th President in the article “trump and his staff are rethinking tactics after a series of mistakes.” It States that the assistants trump is unable to deal with the switches, therefore, forced to hold meetings in the dark, and visitors wander after meetings at the White house in search of an exit. Trump ends his working day at 18:30, and then alone in my Bathrobe watching TV, writing tweets or explores unfamiliar places of his new home. “Cloistered in the White house, he now has limited access to his supporters and feels increasingly squeezed by work pressure and the constant protests, which he was forced to abandon the trip in Milwaukee,” writes the author. “This is the epitome of false information”, — commented on the article, the press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer, demanding that the publication apologize to the chief.

While trump wanders lonely in the White house in deciding how to implement its reforms, ex-US President Barack Obama with his wife spends a fun vacation on the private island of mosquito in the Caribbean sea of the British billionaire sir Richard Branson. The founder of Virgin Group bought the island in 2007 for 10 million pounds. The 44th President of the United States have already tried kite surfing, held out on the blackboard 100 meters. “Barack and I have fallen many times into the water, but we continued again and again, and during the day have made progress,” wrote sir Richard in social networks.

The former President was the guest of a billionaire. AFP photo

ROMANIA. Two weeks in the biggest mass protests since the uprising against the regime of Nicolae Ceausescu in 1989 — and the government, consisting of members of the Social democratic party (PSD), reversed the decision on amendments to the penal code and Amnesty, which would give the opportunity to be released associated with this party corrupt. But dodavit the resignation of the government failed. The Romanian Parliament on Wednesday did not support the vote of no confidence in the government under the leadership of Sorin Grindeanu, although previously part of the opposition parliamentary French expressed a vote of no confidence in the government. “Under the guise of compliance with the decisions of some internal departments, the government struck at the security of the Romanians and their legitimate interests,” — said in the text of the censure motion, which was entitled “Government Grindeanu — the Government of national scorn. Not legalized stealing in Romania.” The Chairman of the PSD Liviu Dragnea at the beginning of the week said that the government has no reason to resign, and the Parliament, the socialists have the majority. In the end, a vote of no confidence was supported by 161 deputies and senators of 465 representatives of the bicameral Parliament.

Up to 600 thousand people demanded the abolition of the law. AFP photo

PRECEDENT. Baku has a great opportunity to punish a foreign blogger for disagreeing with the official Azerbaijan concerning the status of Nagorno-Karabakh: on Tuesday evening of Belarus extradited the blogger Alexander Lapshin, having the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Israel. Earlier, the Prosecutor’s office of Azerbaijan filed a criminal case against Lapshin that he several times visited the unrecognized Republic without the consent of the Azerbaijani authorities. Investigation Department for cases of grave crimes of the General Prosecutor’s office of Azerbaijan filed against his criminal case under articles “Repeated public appeals directed against the state” and “Illegal crossing of the state border of Azerbaijan, a group of persons by prior conspiracy or by an organized group or with application of violence or with threat of its application”. Blogger faces up to 8 years in prison.

State security service on a private plane took Lapshin

The situation with Lapshin is a precedent, because so far none of 435 defendants in the list of the Azerbaijani foreign Ministry, persona non grata, did not merit criminal cases with further results of their Baku. The same “crime”, according to Baku, made at least seven journalists of Ukrainian publications, mass media representatives from Russia, Hungary, Romania, great Britain, Germany, Georgia, United States, Italy, Japan, Austria. And if the blogger flew in any other country, and not in Belarus where he was arrested at the request of Baku on 15 December, he would have remained at large. Minsk is very quickly passed the alien employees of the state security service of Azerbaijan, and here, according to observers, has had a great policy. Lukashenko Friday said that Minsk has no reason not to give the blogger in Baku, and that the Israeli and Azerbaijani authorities to agree on the fate of Lapshin. The foreign Ministry asked not to do so and said that the results of their nationals to third countries is unacceptable. But it was ignored and the official address of the wife of the blogger to Minsk on additional protection granted to a foreigner for up to one year. “Arrest Lapshin Minsk is trying to blackmail Moscow: extradition occurred at a time of worsening energy and commodity crisis between the two countries, — said “Today,” the Armenian political scientist Armen Minasyan. — Lukashenko as a rule, communicates with Moscow in a similar manner. No doubt, Lukashenko played the card Lapshin to force the Russian side to make concessions”.