The military of the DPRK swim “fled” to South Korea

The joint chiefs of staff of South Korea said that the man swam across the narrowest part of the river, attaching to the shoulder pieces of foam to stay afloat. The Correspondent reports about it, citing the South Korean news Agency Yonhap.

Last week, another North Korean soldiers passed through the strictly guarded border separating the two countries. Previously, soldiers would escape with a frequency of about once a year.
According to the Agency, the last had fled, to which, presumably, a little more than 20 years, was spotted in Gimpo, West of Seoul. Noticed his South Korean soldier marine corps runaway shouted: “do Not kill me, I want to go to your side”, the Agency said. The soldier will be questioned, the South Korean military.

Previously, North Korea freed American student Otto Bombieri, sentenced to 15 years in prison.