Trump called McCain a loser

The US President Donald trump has published several records on his Twitter, unleashed against Senator John McCain.

“Senator McCain should not discuss in the media the success or failure of the operation. It only encourages the enemy. He loses so long that I have forgotten how to win. Just look at this mess our country is mired in conflicts around the world,” wrote trump.

In the latest entry of the American President recalled that the commander of the special forces Ryan Owens, in the words of General Mattis, died in victorious battle, not a lost fight. “For US it’s time to wise up and re-learn how to win!” concluded trump.

February 8, Senator John McCain said that the operation conducted by US Navy seals in Yemen, is not successful, reports NBC News.

Owens became the first military personnel who died during the presidential term, trump, which began January 20. Attack on camp of insurgents “al-kaidy” in the Central part of Yemen became the first counter-terrorist operation mandated by trump as President. As a result of actions of special troops were destroyed 14 fighters, including the brother of the former leader of the Yemeni jihadist Anwar al-Aulyaki.

James Mattis — U.S. Secretary of defense, four-star General of the marine Corps.