Scandal Goncharenko, murder Givi and the new head of national police: week

However, the new session does not mean the beginning of work. After his leave, the deputies failed to adopt the agenda, that is the plan for the next six months.

Of course, we cannot say that the first week the deputies didn’t do anything. For three days it was even voted on some bills, from which, however, most people neither cold nor hot. In fact, the deputies voted for them because it was interested to understand, for example, that there is a draft law on amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine on implementation of European environmental regulations on the protection of the environment, rare species of animals and plants.

INCIDENT GONCHARENKO. The activity of the deputies showed for the most part outside Happy. The most high-profile event with the participation of MPs was the scandal surrounding the German Embassy, to yesterday grew into the interstate. It started with the fact that the German Embassy gathered to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his stay in Ukraine, and Ambassador Ernst Reichel decided to give an interview. And in an interview raised the issue of the implementation of the Minsk agreements, saying that the transfer of Ukrainska-Russian border under the control of Kiev is the last point of the plan that must be executed after all others. And, accordingly, elections in the Donbas doesn’t need to be “when there will be no Russian troops or at each of the city administration will be posted Ukrainian flag”.

This quote caused a scandal. MP Anna hopko called on their colleagues to boycott a reception on the occasion of the anniversary of the Embassy, and the majority of members of the coalition there was not.
But the situation is not ended. The next day, Wednesday, the people’s Deputy from BPP Alexey Goncharenko decided that the boycott is not enough, and painted the German word “No!” a fragment of the Berlin wall, mounted as a monument near the Embassy of Germany.
However, something appeared to be wrong. Goncharenko, most likely, thought that it will campaign only against the Ambassador, but a few hours later, the German foreign Ministry supported the position of Reichel, and the action turned against the whole state.

Yesterday against Goncharenko made at the same time some of the party. The German foreign Ministry reiterated that it was unacceptable vandalism, and the PGO brought against Goncharenko criminal case.

BLACKMAIL BANDERA. Tension remains in relations with Poland. The leader of the ruling party of Poland “law and Justice” Jaroslaw Kaczynski on Monday again said that the promotion of nationalism in Ukraine is unacceptable for Poland. Previously, he has talked about the fact that Warsaw strongly opposes the glorification of the UPA, and now added that “Bandera Ukraine to Europe will not come”.

And it’s clear that it’s not his personal position and the position of the party to which they belong and the President and Prime Minister. So, the words of Kaczynski can be transformed into the solution of the Polish authorities, which have to react to Ukraine.

INSTEAD OF HATII — GENERAL. Another event of the week was the appointment of the new head of the National police. The probability that the place Khatia Dekanoidze will have the same nice lady who was in the Advisory contest, held by the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, women did not exist.
And in the end the choice fell on General Sergey Knyazev, who prior to his appointment he headed the interior Ministry’s criminal investigation Department. Judging by the biography of the new head of national police, the choices is undoubtedly successful: in recent years Avakov threw Knyazeva all the hot spots: in particular, in Zakarpattia and the Rivne oblast, when there stepped up the fight with amber mafia.

However, Knyazeva and have already found a dark spot — several apartments and cars have an ex-wife. However, against the background of scandals with other politicians and officials is clearly not a reason to doubt the ability of the new head of the national police to restore order. So that the estimates better to wait until the first real results.

MURDER GIVI. The main news from the Donbas in recent days was the murder of one of the most famous fighters of the so-called “DNR” Mikhail Tolstoy, nicknamed Givi.
The separatists, of course, blamed Ukraine. In Ukraine, too, of course, talking about the showdown in “DNR” and that Moscow protects the Donbass from poorly controlled by warlords. In fact, all these versions are logical because possible. And it is likely that organizers and customers of murder are not found.
Today it is impossible to predict and consequences of the assassination of Givi. Most likely, as stated by the people’s Deputy from “popular front” Anton Gerashchenko, it will not weaken but will strengthen the army of the separatists, which will be more manageable. In its place may come the Russian staff officers. However, one thing is certain: the fate of the Givi — along with the fate of another militant Motorola and Luhansk “Cossack leader” Brain — will become a serious warning for those who want to be a separatist hero.