Parlamentní listy (Czech Republic): today is a good any argument against Russia

“A certain group of the political spectrum today is the fact that against Russia any good arguments. Of course, I understand that the change of the regime demolished monuments to perpetuate the memory of the double traitors, I feel normal” — so recent events, evaluates a former diplomat and member of the Milan Sarapatka. According to him, the main reason is the self-centeredness of politicians that do not hesitate to harm the international relations of the Czech Republic for his own “PR”.

Parlamentní listy, You’re doing foreign policy. How, in your opinion, changed the relationship between the Czech Republic and Russia after what recently happened? I mean police and security, oversight of three Prague politicians, and the agent ricin, and celebrations in honor of the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second world war.

Milan Sarapatka: Undoubtedly, the relationship is very deteriorated. I agree with the General Andor Sandor, who said that only fools give yourself unnecessary enemies. Russia was present and is present in our country, and we are forced to deal with it. And in vain, to dissociate themselves from this power by different gestures.

In the interview I often hear you mentioned, gestures are manifestations of democracy in a sovereign state…

— Sorry about any manifestations of democracy speech here does not go — only the stupid gestures selfish politicians regional level. Prague — of-a-kind region, and elder Kolar is only a municipality and Pavel Novotny too. These local politicians should do what they were elected by the citizens, that is your business and no interference in foreign policy. It is not in their competence and, in my opinion, a crime that the Ministry of foreign Affairs gives them such a possibility and does not interfere.

— However, saying all this is a provocation against Russia. What do you think?

I don’t know whether these steps are aimed, primarily, against Russia and whether it’s a provocation. In my opinion, we are dealing primarily with the manifestations of unimaginable stupidity, and I think the main reason is the excessive self-centeredness of all those politicians who for their own “PR” without hesitation harm relations of the Czech Republic, one of the world powers.

— Recent events have caused a heated discussion about the history of the Second world war. Remembered and Vlasov, and Marshal Konev, and the role of the Soviet Union at that time, that is, he helped Czechoslovakia or ultimately hurt. What do you think?

The Soviet Union certainly helped us to get rid of the occupation by Nazi Germany, but, of course, hurt us, making possible the coming to power of the Communists. Of course, you can argue about which is worse. The same applies to the Marshal Konev. Of course, he, as commander of the Ukrainian front, made a great contribution to the liberation of Czechoslovakia, however, when his troops remained in Czechoslovakia, created the conditions for the upliftment of the Communist party and the coup in 1948.

As for Vlasov, either Pavel Novotny really stupid or he doesn’t read the right books. Vlasov really fought against the Germans, but only 30 hours, and then they left and the rebels rushed to the side of the Americans. They still finally gave them to the Soviet Union, so the plan Vlasov failed. Thus, they helped the revolt, only to fall into American captivity as part of the group SS General Felix Steiner prevented them to leave and wanted to first captured were their own soldiers, and then to the Vlasov.

In the Soviet and then the Russian official history of Vlasov were considered traitors. Today one group of the political spectrum is the fact that now well any argument against Russia. Here Vlasov amiss. But it’s catchy and incredibly cheap gestures. Of course, I understand that the change of the regime demolished monuments to perpetuate the memory of the traitors, and even double, betrayed and Russia, i.e. the Soviet Union and Nazi Reich, I feel normal. This distortion of history.

— You said that regional policy should not interfere in international politics, that is external. Do you believe that we have already become the norm? Risky is it? Do you think that thus our attention will be distracted more often?

— We can not allow ucashenie! In this case clearly exceeded the powers, and, in my opinion, the reason for the historic weakness of the Ministry of foreign Affairs in the governance system of the country. Unlike other countries where the Ministry of foreign Affairs together with the Ministry of interior and the Ministry of defense and Ministry of economy, is considered one of the most prestigious departments, it has lost significance. In addition, the budget of the Ministry of foreign Affairs does not exceed a few billions, and absolutely not comparable with the budget of the Ministry of regional development, transport and so on. That is, the Ministry of foreign Affairs is not considered important. Moreover, today the post of foreign Minister is a person who has never engaged in diplomacy and was always subordinate. He doesn’t have a point of view, and this explains the futility of this Department. You need to post the foreign Minister finally took a real diplomat who understood the needs of the Ministry and pursue his goal. And she, above all, is to protect the interests of the Czech Republic.

— What role, in your opinion, in Russian-Czech relations is played by the alleged Russian agent with the ricin in the case and how information about it reached the public?

— I think that this story was invented by the media, and today, it already lives its own life. The public did not submit any evidence, and I just refuse to believe that something like this really happened. Of course, we cannot rule it out, and I have information only from open sources. But if our country is really headed agent with the aforesaid purpose, he certainly would not have been able to cross the border. And if our intelligence agencies and made it to the Czech Republic with a purpose, the disclosure of his name, of course, is a criminal offence and interferes with the work of the security services.