Trump as the middle finger of the voter establishment

This quote of the former Governor of new Hampshire and Senator Jude Gregg (Judd Gregg) of the supporters of the trump extremely important and instructive:

They are much more interested in verbal sparring and verbal confrontational approach than in results. So while he may attack those whom the voters consider to be a problem, the rest doesn’t matter.

This quote given in the article my colleagues at the Washington Post, which refers to how difficult it would be President Trump to fulfill all the promises that he gave, while still a candidate, trump and whether he will pay a political price for their failure.

I agree with Gregg on this issue — at least not yet. Let’s get back to great article Jenna Johnson (Jenna Johnson), published in the Washington Post in June, which is dedicated to exactly what you expect supporters of the trump from him. The key idea is the following:

The wall along the border with Mexico is one of the oldest and popular offers trump, always causing delight and cries every time he voiced. However, many supporters of trump actually don’t think he will build a wall and they still build it or not.

Many also do not think that, as President, trump actually forbid Muslims to enter the country that he will capture oil rigs, controlled by terrorists, or deport 11 million illegal immigrants. They perceive the promise of the sleek trump more as symbols than as specific promises, reflecting a willingness to be bold and rebuild.

The very point.

Essence statements Gregg and articles Johnson: for supporters trump the details of any proposal or policy are irrelevant. More importantly, how it delivers on its promises — they usually sound cheeky, and he says they are very confident — and the fact that he is willing to voice them. The attractiveness of trump for his supporters due to his tone: they do not listen to his words, but when he says, in their eyes, he transformed into antipolitical and agent of change, which they so long awaited.

According to Gregg, his supporters like “confrontational verbal approach” and they are ready to make a discount on the final result of his work. While it is enough that he can drive supporters of the establishment. So when trump says that the wall along the Mexican border will still be built, his supporters were cheering and instead ask yourself the question, and who will Fund this construction. When he claims that the media is biased, because, in his opinion, they are not clearly reported the number of people who came to his inauguration, supporters of the trump fully support him because he is ready to attack the offender, that is the liberal media.

You understand me. Show politics and politicians the middle finger is not a policy. But for supporters of trump’s more than enough.

The question is how long the supporters trump will expect him to fulfill the role of “that guy”. Democrats sincerely believe that when the trump will not be able to perform some of their empty promises that he made during the election campaign, the Republicans of Congress and even many of his most staunch supporters will start to doubt the correctness of his choice.

Possible. I’m not too sure as I don’t believe that the majority of voters voted for trump did it because he was absolutely convinced that it will radically change politics in Washington through a series of initiatives and steps. From my point of view, the main motivational force behind their decision to vote for trump, was that he became a symbol of radical change in the political process. Everything he said and did, indicated that he was “NOT a POLITICIAN”.

People voted for the middle finger. And I’m not sure that later they will not show Trump that same middle finger, they showed all of the establishment politicians before him.