Republican senators urged trump to take a tough stance in relations with Russia

A group of senators from the Republican party of the USA published a letter in which politicians urged the American President Donald trump to take a rigid and principled position in relation to Russia, said on Thursday the American TV channel si-EN-EN.

In the letter, the senators urge that trump “retains current U.S. sanctions (against Russia – ed.) will not change Russian policy in Ukraine and Syria,” and urged the President “not to engage in any military or diplomatic agreements with Russia on the future of Syria,” while Russia continues to “violate human rights”.

The policy also addressed the issue of “cyber intervention”, allegedly taken by Russia in the election process in the United States.

“We need to provide tough opposition to the cyber and information war that continues with Russia, including attempting to interfere in our democratic election process,” they wrote.

The authorship of the Epistle to the Trump belongs to the seven senators-Republicans – Cory Gardner, Jim Inhofe, Todd young, Rob Portman, Mike Rounds, John Ernst, Lindsay Graham and John Carnino, which occupies a key position in the management of the Republican party.

“It is important to stress the opinion of many senators, our colleagues, that when it comes to Russia we have certain traits that should not be crossed,” said Gardner in an interview of si-EN-EN.

On the eve of a White house spokesman Sean Spicer reiterated that Washington is not going to lift the sanctions imposed against Russia in connection with situation in Ukraine “while Russia will not leave Crimea”.