Ukrainian rich began to actively make reservations

The rampant crime in the country is forcing Ukrainians to be safe. Experts say: wealthy citizens started to be interested in armored transport, writes UBR.

As has told the expert of Department of marketing communications of the international center for Internet Commerce Allbiz Maria Reasonable, last year the demand for armored cars and machinery rose 2.7 times. This year dynamics. “There were even orders from the United States, although 97% of demand ensures the internal market”, — told Reasonable.

Stable interest protected auto confirmed and the company in charge of booking. Although there note that to buy new and expensive “civil” machines have become smaller.

“The best years were sold to 15-20 armoured cars a year, now — about 2 times smaller. The car price is around 550-650 thousand euros,” — said the Deputy Director General for sales company “Avtokapital” Vyacheslav Dyadchenko.

The main customers of the civil armored vehicles in Ukraine — business, security agencies, car rental companies and other legal entities. The end-user, the seller usually doesn’t know. Many politicians bought cars for himself through his subordinates and generals of the machine purchase on tenders. But the stars of show business to spend money on “armor” is not used.

Cars are often driven from the Far East and more expensive — from Europe and Canada. Understandably there are difficulties with the supply of vehicles from Russia, as Russian manufacturers use the base model of the Russian Assembly, VIN code, they have also Russian and they do not meet the standards Euro-5.


In Ukraine there are about a dozen manufacturers operating in this segment. But often, ukraincy security reasons choose a well-known foreign firms with good reputation and necessary certificates. But for the military sector work domestic craftsmen.

Bookings can be factory or made after the purchase of a car, in a specialized firm. But often the book not the whole car, but only part of it (the cab, the passenger door).

Armored vehicles divided into several categories:

  • vehicles for the transport of valuables (better known as the collector);
  • the vehicles based on decommissioned military armored vehicles (BRDM, BTR);
  • vehicles for transportation of protected persons.

According to the President of the Association of tranlsation Sergei Kramer, today the market volume is about 2 thousand cars a year. Moreover, demand is growing exponentially. In 2014, the market was estimated at 500 vehicles in 2015 — in the 700-800, and in 2016, the demand has increased to 1000-1200 cars.

As told in the Odessa security company, exact market size is difficult to assess — all, who has the ability to provide a secure vehicle and fleet maintenance — already have them and only from time to time update it. Of course, information on replacement, maintenance or repair of the protected vehicle is closed, and its leakage can significantly damages the reputation of companies.

Cash-in-transit vans usually cost the banks 50 thousand dollars. Photo:

Executive cars and escort vehicles are booked according to individual orders in specialized tuning Studio. Some of these ateliers are in manufacturing plants.

The price of a car depends on several factors: the cost base, the level of reservation, a brand capsule, there are additional wishes of the customer.

For example, the base version of the Toyota Camry with the level of protection In 6 starts from 130-170 thousand dollars depending on the manufacturer. The cost of the basic version of the Toyota Land Cruiser with a level of protection In 6 starts from 210 thousand dollars. Cash-in-transit vans usually cost the banks 50 thousand dollars.

The cost of the booking depends on the “topography” of the car, as far as arched body of the machine.

“If you book for a good class, the cost would equal about the price of the car. For example, the easiest way to book a jeep, for example, the “Cube” from Mercedes, because he’s really square, but the armor for Camry can cost twice as much”, — said the head of development NGOs “Practika” Sergey Vilkov.

Finished copies of the company ship within 10-14 days. But an individual order and you can expect more than a year.

Service with extra charge

Service armored car will also cost more than usual. As a minimum, because maintenance work should be conducted more frequently. And the difference in cost for each individual car.

The main problem is the parts that are behind protective panels. If the manufacturer uses its own know-how for fixing these panels for access to oil filter and drain oil may require 3 to 5 hours and the same on reassembly.

As many manufacturers do not provide a tool for service centers, this creates huge problems in the service and often makes the cost of space.

The most expensive are the consumables, tires, brake pads, shock absorbers and springs, as well as glazing. Set of tires for the Mercedes S-class can cost 20 thousand euros. It all depends on the particular configuration of the vehicle and capabilities of the SRT on the ordering of spare parts.

“The cost may increase if you spent more labor hours. For example, if according to the regulations, the procedure takes of 0.6 labor hours, and with an auto it took to 0.8 labor hours, the price will be correspondingly greater,” said the Manager of the service of a full cycle “guarantor automotive forensics” Eugene sinensky.