A gay couple consisting of a father and son allowed to get married

79-year-old resident of the U.S. state of Pennsylvania by the name of Nino’s 46 years he lived together with his partner Roland.

In 2012, the 79-year-old Nino was officially adopted by her lover, who is younger than him by 10 years.

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“Father and son” took more than three years to win the right to marry, reports the Metro.

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According to Nino, he had to adopt his partner to “protecting”.

In 2012, gay marriage was not yet legalized in the United States, where there lived a couple that threatened the lovers numerous problems. For example, in the case of death, 79-year-old pensioner was not entitled to bequeath something to their partner.

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The couple took more than three years to change the adoption agreement to a prenuptial agreement.