The Ukrainians will be easier to get a job in Lithuania

The Lithuanian government has decided to facilitate the employment of some specialists from third countries and expects more Ukrainian workers. This was stated by Prime Minister Saulius Squirrels, writes Delfi.

“If you look at the statistics of recent years, people of these professions, we are talking about, come from Ukraine. I think we see the same process in neighboring Poland. The situation is more liberal. According to our data, tens of thousands of Ukrainians who have successfully integrated into the labour market, create added value, and enable businesses to develop,” — said the Lithuanian Prime Minister in an interview with radio station Ziniu radijas.

According to him, the government in facilitating the employment of foreign experts, has created a sufficient fuse in order not to hurt the growth of salaries of local residents.

These provisions will apply in relation to visitors not from the EU, including Ukraine. Inside the community of all its citizens can work in another country without permission.