The Ukrainian question cannot be linked to the other issues – Ministry of foreign Affairs of Estonia

The solution to the Ukrainian crisis can not be put in dependence on the solution of other international problems, is a separate issue, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Estonia Sven Mixer (Sven Mikser).

“It is impossible to link with other problems. What is the problem? There were statements that it would be possible to link the issue of Ukraine with the participation of Russia in the fight against international terrorism or nuclear issues,” – said the head of Estonian foreign Ministry.

According to him, “the position of Estonia and the European Union is clear: the Ukrainian question is a separate question.” “The territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine are subjects which can not retreat a single step back, away from the already agreed cooperation”, – said the Minister.

He expressed confidence that the US administration under President Donald trump will adhere to the same position.

“The position of Estonia and the EU was and is principled and fundamental. So far the US administration has shared it, the EU and the United States behaved towards Ukraine is the same. And if you look, it says new US Ambassador to the UN, which says the Republican majority leader in the Senate, the U.S. dramatically will not change,” – said the Minister.

Earlier it was reported that the Commission on foreign Affairs of the Estonian Parliament decided to toughen its stance against Russia in connection with the situation in the East of Ukraine.

“EU sanctions against Russia should remain in force until the full implementation of the Minsk agreements. Estonia believes that in the event of further military escalation, sanctions should be tightened”, – says the decision of the parliamentary Commission.