According to the Deputy of the city Council A. Pabat: the bus station “Kiev” and “South” are working illegally

The bus station “Kiev” and “South” are working illegally, because, according to the data from the list of certified stations, the validity period of their certification ended last year, and information about the results of the new Testifies of the certification – no. About it on 7 February 2017, said Kyiv Deputy Alexander Pabat on his page in Facebook.

“In the process of debriefing about the work stations of the capital people in the know throw up interesting facts. For example, the validity of the certification subordinated not to the city, and the Cabinet bus “Bus station Kiev” and “South” ended in the past, 2016. That is, de jure they don’t exist. De facto continue to work hardly on-white,” said Alexander Pabat.

Thus, it appears that the state property Fund of Ukraine does not close illegally running the bus and thereby creates a situation in which other public entities are forced to issue orders and fines to carriers that go with the illegal bus stations. As a result, the previously adopted concept of development of the infrastructure of Kyiv, which implies the removal of all stations outside the city centre at the last station of metro is not being implemented. And the city still immersed in the congestion and accidents, because a huge number of flights departing from the Central parts of Kiev, and it is about thousands of routes every day.

There is nobody not a secret that very soon the capital will host the international song contest Eurovision and, thus, the goal of the city to show their best side. The quality of infrastructure projects, their compliance with European standards and modern requirements is the safety of our passengers, guests, as well as her face. And thanks to the inaction of the Federal old bus stations in Kiev can you describe it in a just as outdated and do not meet European standards of service.