The girl 4 times tried to commit suicide after he saw his “naked” photo in Facebook

The victim pornobest Courtney Owen told how she tried to commit suicide four times after learning that a former boyfriend posted her Nude photos on “Facebook”. Pictures saw thousands of people, including the girl’s father, according to “life” with reference to the Mirror.

A resident of Cardiff have parted ways with 20-year-old Callum by Clements, with whom he worked for Sky TV when I found out that he slept with another girl he got pregnant. Then she decided to tell the truth his new girlfriend Serah Wilkinson Stanley, after the two posted her intimate photos, some of which were taken when Courtney was asleep.

On his page on “Facebook” Serah posted more than 20 photos Courtney, writing under them that she is still trying to return to Callum, sending him her naked body. Courtney called the police, but it was too late: the pictures scattered around the Internet. Within months the girl could not get out of my bedroom, could not sleep or eat, at work Courtney for a long time felt insecure.

“I was prescribed antidepressants and sleeping pills, which I tried four times to commit suicide” – deida Courtney Owen.

Fortunately, Courtney cope with their emotions and finally get justice. Callum and his new girl was fined £200, in addition, the ex-boyfriend had to spend six weeks behind bars. The judge issued Callum restraining order against Courtney.